Secure packaging for shipping

Find out about sustainable and secure packaging with anti-theft protection for even more product protection during transportation
Secure packaging from CHANNEL21

What is secure packaging?

Shipping packaging with a security lock is the secure solution for online shipping. Unlike traditional e-commerce packaging, which is more likely to be used as outer packaging for transportation purposes, packaging with a security lock provides extra product protection during transportation. The functional locking technology is both a tamper-proof lock as the packaging cannot be opened without its destruction and on which the recipient can immediately recognise the integrity of the shipping box upon delivery of the goods.

CHANNEL21 relies on functional secure packaging for shipping its goods

Locking the secure packaging

As one of Germany’s largest home shopping channels, CHANNEL21 sells a wide range of products and sets high quality standards for both its products and its shipping boxes. Based on the customised requirements for CHANNEL21, THIMM has developed new shipping packaging that is secure and sustainable while at the same time offering a special unboxing experience: Sturdy secure packaging made from corrugated cardboard with anti-theft locking technology and on-trend internal printing.

Products are transported securely and well-protected to the customer in a cardboard shipping box with a security lock. The special security lock means that the packaging cannot be opened without it being destroyed. Unauthorised access is immediately visible. This means the secure packaging with the integrated locking technology is also a tamper-proof lock as the recipient can immediately recognise the integrity of the shipping box upon delivery. In order to further increase the security level of the shipping packaging, the secure packaging has also been provided with extended inner flaps making it considerably more difficult/impossible to reach into the packaging.

For consumer-friendly handling, the secure packaging is equipped with a punched tear perforation. This allows the recipient to open the packaging quickly and easily.

Reduce costs, improve environmental impacts, create unboxing experiences.

Secure packaging with inner flaps

The innovative locking technology of the secure packaging has two benefits: The secure lock has special design features with regard to its protective function and is made of environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard. This eliminates the need for additional strapping and adhesive tape for sealing and reduces the amount of extraneous materials in the secure packaging.

In addition to the functional added value, overlapping inner flaps also offer much more as on-trend white inner printing is simulated on the inner flaps, which saves internal printing costs and also has positive environmental effects. The use of only one printing ink translates into enormous savings on raw materials such as printing plates. Inner flaps also create additional design opportunities and potential for effective brand presentation. In the flexo direct printing process, personal customer addresses and digital codes are printed for further interactions: for even more positive emotions when unpacking.

Efficient processes. Easy to use.

Secure packaging for shipping

The folder-gluer fitted an automatic base onto the rotation die-cut boxes to ensure they can be set up quickly and easily in the manual packing process, without additional assembly or adhesive tape. Using T-flute as a flute type saves space compared to the traditional B-flute and which also reduces CO2 emissions. Two different sizes have been produced to better package the diverse products from CHANNEL21.

Benefits of secure packaging with anti-theft protection

  • Theft-proof

    The lock makes adhesive tape superfluous and reveals any unauthorised opening.

  • Easy recycling

    Our sustainable packaging is easy to recycle via the waste paper bin.

  • Customised construction

    Our developers have designed the packaging to meet individual requirements.

  • Extremely rigid

    Corrugated cardboard packaging is lightweight yet sturdy.

  • Transportation protection

    This packaging protects your products securely during transportation.

  • 100% recyclable

    All corrugated cardboard packaging is fully recyclable – an ideal circular product.

  • Flat-pack delivery

    Save transport and storage volume with flat-pack delivery.

  • Unpacking experience

    Positive unpacking moments improve the brand experience and customer loyalty.

  • Sustainable packaging

    Corrugated cardboard consists entirely of renewable raw materials.

    Secure packaging with internal printing
    Secure packaging with inner flaps
    Secure packaging with a locking system
    Locking the secure packaging
    Secure packaging for shipping
    Secure packaging with tear perforation
    Opening the secure packaging

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