Packaging for washing and cleaning materials and detergents

Individual packaging and display solutions for sales promotion and brand presence at the POS
Packaging for detergents

Sustainable packaging made from corrugated cardboard

Packaging for washing and cleaning materials and detergents

Flexible, environmentally friendly solutions for washing and cleaning materials and detergents

Presenting products in an appealing way, triggering impulse purchases, increasing sell-through – packaging for washing and cleaning agents from THIMM has it covered. With our shelf-ready packaging, protective packaging for transport and attractive product packaging, we offer holistic solutions for not only presenting your products optimally, but also maximising effectiveness in the sales process.

Strategically placed displays are important for secondary placement. We would be happy to advise you on the right packaging solution.

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Packaging solutions for your washing and cleaning materials and detergents

Packaging for detergents

Shelf-ready packaging for detergents

Visually appealing, sturdy and easy to handle: Corrugated cardboard shelf-ready packaging is one of our core areas of expertise. These packages are designed to be easy to open, handle and dispose of, reducing workload for retail staff while providing a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Due to its robust construction, our sustainable product packaging offers reliable protection for a wide range of cleaning products such as all-purpose cleaners, washing-up liquids and bathroom and kitchen cleaners during transport and storage.

In addition, shelf-ready packaging made from corrugated cardboard can be customised and printed to strengthen brand presence and increase consumer awareness at the point of sale. Increase your sales rate with shelf-ready packaging!

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Product packaging for washing agents

Sustainable product packaging for washing detergents

Discover the benefits of our sustainable corrugated cardboard detergent packaging. They offer a robust, sturdy solution for powder detergents and cleaning tabs. Thanks to their adaptability to different sizes and custom opening mechanisms, e.g. for easy pouring or resealing, our packaging not only guarantees protection and functionality, but also striking presentation at the point of sale.

Benefit from unique printing options! We effectively implement your design and brand with state-of-the-art printing technologies such as digital printing and flexo printing. Make the most of the many advantages of our printing processes to position your products on the market in a cost-efficient, sales-promoting way.

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Cleaning agent packaging for tubes

Shelf-ready packaging with product fixing

Our multifunctional SRP packaging includes a practical holder for greater stability and visibility of the individual cleaning products. They are suitable for both shipping and presentation on the shelf. A perforated lid design makes it easy to open the packaging so that it can be placed straight on the shelf following transportation. This packaging offers an ideal solution for all types of tube products, such as washing detergents, stainless steel cleaners, scouring agents and stain removers.

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Cardboard for detergents and cleaning agents

Folding boxes for cleaning agents and detergents

Our robust corrugated cardboard folding boxes are the easy solution for transporting and storing cleaning agents and detergents. Thanks to their sturdy construction, they offer reliable protection for your goods on their way to the retail outlet or warehouse. Clearly printed designs make it easier to identify the contents and contribute to efficient organisation. With type printing, logos, eco-labels or codes, our folding boxes can be printed in many ways to meet your individual requirements.

Thanks to optimal utilisation on standard pallets based on module dimensions, our folding boxes can be optimally adapted to storage and transport requirements. This not only enables efficient use of the available space, but also increases the efficiency of your logistics processes. Discover our practical and functional folding box solutions and optimise your warehouse organisation and shipping process today!

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Displays for detergents

Displays for detergents and cleaning agents

Discover the advantages of our corrugated cardboard sales displays for detergents and cleaning agents: The innovative display concept is based on standardised basic modules made of a few components, including corrugated cardboard trays, which can be used flexibly. These enable optimal presentation of products such as floor wipers, cleaning cloths, scouring pads and gloves.

The displays offer individual design options for optimal brand presentation and targeted sales promotion. With our standardised solution, you stand out from the competition and attract customers’ attention at the point of sale, which can lead to increased sales and stronger brand loyalty.

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Promotional display for vegan cleaning agents and detergents

Promotional display for cleaning agents and detergents

Delta Pronatura presented a range of natural detergents under the Dr. Theo Krauss brand in a striking design resembling a vintage pharmacy cabinet. The displays reflected the connection to nature, with sustainable corrugated cardboard and warehouse-optimised design – a new twist on a tried-and-tested classic. All the cleaning products were accessible from three sides for easy removal. Placed inside the display were a range of surface cleaners, washing detergents, washing-up liquids and kit products to mix up into customised detergents.

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The advantages of our solutions for washing and cleaning materials and detergents

  • Effective protection

    Corrugated cardboard packaging and displays offer reliable protection, preventing damage to washing and cleaning materials and detergents during transport and storage.

  • Adaptability

    Individual design and printing ensure visibility at the POS and enhance sales promotion.

  • Brand presence

    Packaging provides space for brand messages, logos and promotions, which can increase your brand presence and promote a positive response from customers.

  • Lightweight

    Corrugated cardboard offers a lightweight design, which makes it easier to transport and handle your packaging.

  • Versatile range of applications

    Corrugated cardboard packaging and displays can be produced in various shapes and sizes to meet the specific requirements of the washing, cleaning and detergent industry.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Our sustainable packaging and displays are made entirely from corrugated cardboard. They are environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled in the recycling paper bin, so using them actively supports the green economy.

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