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What is book packaging?

Book packaging is designed specifically to protect books and other flat items during transportation. It is made from sustainable and robust corrugated cardboard. Book packaging is typically flat and rectangular and can be of different sizes to accommodate different book formats and quantities. It is designed to hold goods securely and protect them from damage during transportation by providing shock absorption and stability.

Books and print media are treasures of information and entertainment. We understand the uniqueness of these products and the importance they have for authors, publishers and readers. This is why we offer customised packaging that ensures both safe shipping and the stylish presentation of books and print media.

DIN A4 book packaging for fast and secure shipping

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Our high-quality book and wrap-around packaging in DIN A4 format is suitable for a wide range of different goods thanks to its universal use as shipping packaging. Wrap-around packaging can be filled from 20 to 75 mm providing flexiblity to adapt to any specific requirements. The shipping packaging consists of high-quality T-flute, which is a more sustainable flute type with its flute geometry between B and E flute. In addition, the material at the edges of the book packaging is twice as thick, ensuring reliable product protection throughout the entire transportation journey.

DIN A4 wra-around packaging with a self-adhesive closure and tear-off strip 

The self-adhesive closure means the practical wrap-around packaging can be securely and firmly closed without any additional aids. The integrated tear-off slip also makes it easy to open, taking just a few seconds. Book packaging is therefore an efficient packaging solution for a wide range of goods.

    Book packaging as a flat die-cut
    Book packaging made from corrugated cardboard
    Book packaging for DIN A4
    Book packaging for postal shipments
    Book packaging with adhesive strips
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Benefits of book packaging

  • Protection

    Book packaging provides secure protection for books and other flat items during transportation and shipping. The sturdy corrugated cardboard construction protects against damage, kinking or bending.

  • Adaptability

    The packaging can be adapted to different book sizes, allowing flexibility when shipping different books.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Corrugated cardboard is an environmentally friendly material that is recyclable. Book packaging is therefore a sustainable option for shipping books.

  • Easy handling

    Book packaging is often easy to seal and does not require any additional tools.

  • Multi-use

    Some book packaging offers additional features such as integrated stands or the possibility to use it as storage boxes for recipes or other items, making it versatile and practical.

  • Individual branding

    Book packaging has a large area for branding and customised design. This enables companies to communicate their brand message and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Multi-use book packaging

Book packaging

From protection to functionality

THIMM has developed sustainable book packaging for the ULALA Cookbook. The packaging can be transformed into a recipe box in no time at all and also has an integrated corrugated cardboard base. Once the book has been removed, the envelope of the book packaging simply becomes a place to store recipes. The integrated flaps of the book packaging fix the recipes securely so they stay in place.

Book packaging

A stand can also be assembled from parts of the book packaging. This stand can be used in two ways – either as a holder for an open cookbook to save space on the work surface or as a stylish home accessory when a closed cookbook is to be presented.

Book packaging

This custom-made book packaging has been produced using state-of-the-art digital technologies, such as digital printing and digital laser cutting. The elegant design in blue and white with a subtle print harmonises perfectly with the cover of the cookbook, making it an ideal gift set. The book packaging is made entirely from corrugated cardboard, an environmentally friendly and easily recyclable packaging material.

Use areas for book packaging

  • Bookstores and publishing

    Book packaging is mainly used to pack and ship books securely in both online book retailing or for direct shipping from publishers to bookstores or customers.

  • E-commerce

    Book packaging is used in e-commerce to safely ship books and other flat items such as calendars, notebooks or magazines.

  • Gift packaging

    Book packaging is also ideally suited for use as gift packaging for books or other flat gift items. It can be customised and provides space for personal messages or greeting cards.

  • Packaging of documents & printed matter

    Companies often use book packaging to securely pack and ship documents, brochures, catalogues and other printed matter.

  • Medical facilities

    Book packaging can be used in medical facilities for the safe transportation of medical records, books or training materials.

  • Event and conference materials

    Book packaging can be used at events or conferences to provide participants with programme booklets, conference volumes or other materials or to ship these safely.

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