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Custom-designed display bases made from corrugated cardboard for your sales promotion
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Display bases made from corrugated cardboard: Stable base for an attractive product presentation

Why use a display base made from corrugated cardboard?

Display bases made from corrugated cardboard are an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for presenting your products effectively and attracting the attention of your target group. They are a stable and robust base on which products can be placed and presented in an attractive and visible way.

The display base made from corrugated cardboard is lightweight, easy to handle and has customised printing or designs which enhance your brand image and attract customers’ attention. Display bases are often used in supermarkets, specialist stores and at trade fairs to present products effectively and promote sales. These versatile sales displays provide numerous benefits that can move your marketing up to the next level.

Display base: Your benefits at a glance

  • Adaptability

    Display bases made from corrugated cardboard can be created to fit different product sizes and shapes. This means they are a flexible solution for different products and enable a customised presentation.

  • Lightweight

    Display bases made from corrugated cardboard are lightweight and easy to handle when compared to other materials. This makes them easy to transport, set up and reposition, allowing flexibility and simplicity for product presentation.

  • Stability and security

    The display base made from corrugated cardboard provides a robust and stable base for presenting your products. It can therefore prevent damages or accidental tipping of products and ensure products are presented securely and in an attractive way.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Display bases made from corrugated cardboard are environmentally friendly as they are made from recyclable material. After use, they can be recycled to save resources.

  • Attractive presentation

    The display base enables your products to be presented at a higher level which increases their visibility and appeal to customers. One special feature of a display is that it can be customised, both in its print and design, to attract customers’ attention and support your product marketing.

  • Brand presentation

    Customised printing on display bases made from corrugated cardboard can highlight brand logos, product information and advertising messages in prominent positions. This reinforces brand presence and promotes customer loyalty.

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Take advantage of the utmost quality and customised solutions by purchasing display bases directly from the manufacturer: Through direct access to our experts you will receive personalised consultancy for the optimum implementation of your requirements. Choose the highest quality, personalised consultancy and maximum efficiency to take your product presentation to the next level!

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Customer-specific display base: individual branding guaranteed

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Display bases reinforce your brand presentation at the POS

A display base as a brand ambassador

Display bases reinforce your brand presentation at the POS

Display bases play a crucial role in reinforcing brand identity at the point of sale and by integrating brand colours, brand logos and customised designs, they ensure consistency across all visual presentations. This consistency in presentation creates a strong brand image that customers can easily recognise and associate with quality.

Therefore, display bases act as effective brand ambassadors by anchoring your brand identity in the minds of consumers and by promoting recognition at the point of sale.

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Sustainable cardboard display bases

Climate-neutral display base

Climate-neutral display bases through financial CO2e offsetting

We resolutely use environmentally friendly materials such ascorrugated cardboard in the production of our display bases. Our manufacturing processes are focused on minimising waste and maximising efficiency. Through innovative technologies we help keep environmental impacts as low as possible throughout the lifecycle of our display bases. Our environmentally friendly display bases not only offer an attractive presentation solution, but also raise awareness of sustainable action.

Are you interested in climate-neutral display bases? By using climate-neutral display bases and also through a financial climate contribution you can differentiate your goods in retail outlets and show your clear positioning on sustainability and environmental protection. 

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Use areas for display bases

Display bases are used in a wide range of industry sectors and applications:

  • Food & beverage industry

    Ideal for presenting new products, special offers or seasonal items.

  • Electronics sector

    Display bases are well suited for the attractive presentation of gadgets, electronic devices and accessories.

  • Cosmetics sector

    Display bases are perfect for highlighting beauty products, including make-up, perfume and skincare products.

  • Pharmacies and healthcare

    Ideal for displaying medicaments, health products or seasonal health tips.

  • Toys and entertainment sector

    Display bases enhance the presentation of toys, games and entertainment products in retail stores or at trade fairs.

  • Automotive sector

    Customised display bases are well suited for the presentation of car care products, accessories or models in car dealerships.

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