Developer and designer at THIMM
  • Name:

    Barbora Enöklová

  • Job title:

    Developer and designer

  • Site:

    Všetaty, Czech Republic

Developer and designer at THIMM in Všetaty

Hi, my name is Barbora!

I work at THIMM pack'n'display in Všetaty (Czech Republic) as a developer and graphic designer. 

I joined THIMM for a four-month internship during my second year at the Technical College for Packaging and Graphic Design. After the internship, I was offered a job as a packaging developer, which I accepted with enthusiasm. During my last year of study, I worked here part-time and took up a permanent position after graduation. The work of a packaging developer is very varied. One day we may have to design a classic “shoe box”, but the next day we may be puzzling over how we can breathe new life into corrugated cardboard and create packaging or a display that can not only compete on the market, but also in the competitive global packaging environment. Since I’m also a graphic designer, I often have the opportunity to be involved in the product creation process, from the initial idea to the final product that I can actually touch. Now, during my maternity leave, the company has been there for me again and I can work on some projects from home. This enables me to maintain contact with the industry and stay on the ball, because the packaging industry is constantly evolving. The versatility of my profession gives me the opportunity to be creative and keeps me connected to the adult world (I have been at home with my children for a few years).

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