Resource management

Sustainable solutions, sustainably produced.

Future-oriented thinking

Corporate responsibility and economic success are firmly interlinked at THIMM. This also enables us to provide the best solutions for those customers who have increased requirements in terms of sustainability. As a responsible family business we are always thinking of the future, taking future generations into account. In doing so, we always act sustainably. 

Cornerstones of our sustainable production

  • Investments

    New technologies and innovative capacity

  • Resources

    Responsible use

  • Transparency

    In the circular economy

We implement all our sustainable production measures group-wide. Our objective is to design all THIMM sites with a high level of innovation and technology. In the course of global industrial change processes, we constantly monitor the configuration of our sustainable production. This is because we not only want to reinforce the competitiveness of our family business, but also expand it.

Sustainable production with Net Zero green electricity 

We are committed to renewable energy sources for our sustainable production.A responsible use of resources is one of the most important objectives in our sustainability strategy. Through our approach to renewable energies we want to further optimise the energy efficiency of the entire THIMM Group and make our production even more sustainable.

Our energy sources

Sustainable packaging in the circular economy

Recycled raw paper is the most important part of the circular economy at THIMM and the base material of recyclable corrugated cardboard packaging. Corrugated cardboard is natural, sustainable, recyclable and resource-efficient.


Sustainable packaging in the circular economy

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Michael Burkowski

Michael Burkowski
Head of Sustainable Packaging Solutions
+49 5551 703 815

Bausteine unserer nachhaltigen Produktion

  • Investitionen

    Neue Technologien und Innovationskraft

  • Ressourcen

    Verantwortungsvoller Umgang

  • Transparenz

    In Kreisläufen