Packaging for pet food and pet supplies

Packaging solutions and displays for pet food, pet care and pet accessories – sustainable and promotional.
Packaging for the pet supplies sector

Packing pet food with THIMM: Sustainable and sales-promoting

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Smart, customised and safe packaging solutions for pet supplies

Safe, environmentally aware, sales-promoting and value-adding, THIMM is your specialist for sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging in the pet food, pet care and pet accessories sectors. Our packaging solutions not only set standards in terms of environmental awareness and hygiene, but also offer smart, customised design options. We understand that customers value quality when it comes to pet food packaging – our packaging not only guarantees optimum protection, but is also easy to handle. Find out why THIMM is the ideal choice for sustainable pet food packaging – both for use in mail order and in retail outlets. Contact us for customised advice and enquiries!

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Inspiration in practice: Packaging for your requirements

Packaging for pet supplies

Innovative and eye-catching food packaging

Compact, sustainable and robust: Our corrugated cardboard packaging solutions are ideally suited for pet food. The design with punched out finger openings makes the dog food packaging easy to open. The packaging has large communication surfaces and customised design options. You can benefit from first-class print quality thanks to our state-of-the-art printing technologies. High quality printed images on the pet food packaging create an effective brand presentation. The packaging also ensures sufficient space for product information, important nutritional information and proofs of origin. This all ensures our packaging has a real impact at the point of sale that attracts the attention of customers.

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Sliding boxes for pet supplies

High-quality printed sliding boxes: More brand image

Exclusive eye-catcher: Using state-of-the-art laser cutting and digital printing technology, the sturdy boxes can be produced to be particularly appealing and customised with important brand messages and elements. Remain in your customers’ minds thanks to a high-quality, appealing design!

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Folding box for pet supplies

Folding boxes for pet supplies

Folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard provide robust protection for pet supplies during transportation and storage. The shock-absorbing properties of corrugated cardboard protect products such as pet toys, care products and cages or enclosures from damage. Their versatile design ensures that different sizes and shapes can be packaged securely. Our packaging for pet supplies also enables customised printing, including logos, product descriptions and instructions, making it an effective marketing tool in retail and mail order.

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Shelf-ready packaging for pet food

Trays for pet food: efficient and sales-promoting

Our innovative shelf-ready packaging solutions for pet food present and promote your products efficiently in retail outlets.  Thanks to their clear opening mechanism, they can be opened easily and quickly without additional aids. The sturdy corrugated cardboard construction ensures stability and stackability and the pet food can also be easily removed. With their eye-catching printing, the trays attract customer attention. They are also easy to dispose of as they are a sustainable single-material solution made from corrugated cardboard.

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Grass corrugated cardboard packaging for cat toys

Sustainable toy box for pets

Sustainable and creative, the digitally printed cat box made from grass corrugated cardboard will be a source of fun. The sophisticated design means that cats can train in their movement and dexterity, while pet owners enjoy the user-friendly, easy to handle toy.

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Counter display for pet food

Promotional displays for pet food

Digital laser cutting creates attractive delicate outlines. Our sustainable counter displays for smaller pet food packages attract attention at the POS and impress with their high-quality, elegant appearance.

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THIMM pet food packaging: Why it’s a good choice

  • Environmentally friendly

    All packaging solutions are made from sustainable, resource-conserving, recyclable corrugated cardboard

  • Printable on request

    Our pet food packaging can be printed according to your specific requirements, thus reinforcing your brand presence

  • Customisable

    We design and produce your packaging solution according to your individual requirements

  • Modern finishing process

    Laser cutting technology makes it possible to use special visual effects for your packaging

  • Packaging for each product

    We offer you optimum packaging solutions for pet needs such as food, care products or toys

  • Recyclable packaging

    Our pet food packaging can be easily recycled via the wastepaper bin.

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