Burger packaging from THIMM: Sustainable fast food solutions

Environmentally friendly plastic alternative | Innovative foodWave® corrugated cardboard | Highest hygiene standards
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Burger packaging made of corrugated cardboard

Environmentally friendly burger boxes

Sophisticated packaging solutions for sales and transportation

Sustainable and visually attractive packaging of fast food and take-away food: With our high-grade, recyclable cardboard boxes for burgers, including a practical folding lid, food can be packed quickly and transported very easily.

Our packaging for hamburgers: The right choice

  • Recyclable

    The used corrugated cardboard can be easily recycled in the wastepaper bin when empty.

  • Plastic-free

    Corrugated cardboard consists of natural, renewable raw materials and has a high recycling rate.

  • Coatings

    Custom-designed: The cardboard burger boxes can be coated on request.

  • Maximum product visibility

    The robust boxes with their practical folding lid mean that food can be transported safely.

  • foodWave®

    The special corrugated cardboard ensures 100 percent safe direct food contact.

  • ISEGA certified

    Upon request, you receive a certificate and declaration of conformity for foodWave® products.

    Burgerverpackung mit individueller Bedruckung
    Burgerverpackung für Wraps und Pommes
    Burgerverpackung für Salat
    Burgerverpackung für Hamburger und Pommes
    Burgerverpackung für Buggets und Pommes
    Burgerverpackung für Sandwiches und Baquettes
    Umweltfreundliche Burgerverpackung

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Andre Kuhlmann

Andre Kuhlmann
Senior Product Manager
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Innovative fast food packaging from THIMM

Replace plastic with foodWave®

Store and transport burgers safely and hygienically in the packaging: Our foodWave® is ideal for direct food contact – of course the food packaging is mineral oil-free and produced according to BRC standards.

Packaging consultancy and service from THIMM

Service & consultancy

Consulting, development, packaging design: At THIMM everything comes from a single source


Smart, sustainable and recyclable packaging saves resources

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We are working on the Internet of Packs and on the digitalisation of the entire supply chain.

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Quality, energy and environmental management: THIMM is multi-certified.

Customised and modern packaging for burgers: We would be happy to advise you!

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