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Insights, trends and interesting facts about sustainable packaging solutions, innovative technologies and sales support measures.

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Dive into our knowledge area that is filled with sales-promoting insights and interesting facts. Find out everything here about the latest developments in corrugated cardboard, printing processes, packaging and displays and effective sales support. Find out about the wide range of sustainable packaging materials and innovative manufacturing processes at THIMM. You can find A to Z packaging knowledge in our online glossary. Be inspired and expand your know-how!

Interesting facts from the world of printing

Digital printing from THIMM

Digital printing

Digital printing for packaging and displays: Definition, technology, areas of application, etc.

Flexo printing at THIMM

Flexo printing

Flexo printing for packaging and displays: Definition, technology, areas of application, etc.

Offset printing at THIMM

Offset printing

Offset printing for packaging and displays: Definition, technology, areas of application, etc.

Internal printing from THIMM

Internal printing

Internal printing is very popular for personal customer contact and as an advertising space for promotions.

Corrugated cardboard knowledge from THIMM

Corrugated cardboard wiki

Find out everything about the raw materials, the different types of corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard production. At THIMM we started our own corrugated cardboard production back in 1959. Today at many of our different sites we produce every type of corrugated cardboard to meet your requirements.

To corrugated cardboard

Interesting facts from the world of packaging solutions

Packaging knowledge from A to Z

Packaging knowledge from A to Z

Everything you need to know from anti-slip paint to cut-outs made from corrugated cardboard. 

Quality management

Interesting facts about our ISO management systems, certifications and standards.



Interesting facts about FEFCO, the international code for the classification of packaging made from solid and corrugated cardboard.

Sales promotion through packaging and displays

Sales promotion in the retail landscape

Optimise your sales success with our innovative packaging solutions! Find out how packaging design and materials can attract your customers’ attention and have a positive influence on buying behaviour.

Find out about the art of sales promotion through smart packaging and sustainably increase your sales!

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What sustainable packaging materials are available?

Find out about sustainable and reusable packaging materials at THIMM.

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