Responsible Procurement

Our aspiration for purchasing

Socially, environmentally and economically compatible procurement

THIMM is a company that operates sustainably and which puts dialogue and collaboration with people at the heart of its philosophy and actions. Therefore, exchanges with our suppliers and business partners are essential for us in this regard, because only together can we stand up for responsible action and respect for human rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption in our supply chains.

We have integrated sustainability into all our procurement – and here are some benefits: Sustainable procurement not only supports compliance with laws and guidelines, but also strengthens the resilience of the supply chain and makes us more competitive.

We see ourselves as an integrator, innovator and designer of value chains, for which we assume responsibility together with our partners. We lay the foundation for transparent decisions through our trusting and long-term cooperation in the supply chain.

Principles of our responsible procurement

  • Transparency

    We expect all suppliers to act responsibly in accordance with our Responsible Sourcing Guideline.

  • Risk assessment

    We assess potential human and environmental risks with all our existing and potential suppliers.

  • Joint development

    We have a close and collaborative relationship with our suppliers and we work together on continuous improvement.

Responsible Sourcing Guideline

When it comes to transparency, our Responsible Sourcing Guideline is an important step and reveals what criteria are considered in selection and collaboration. In addition to quality and price, we also look at safety, health, the environment, social standards and fair business practices.

Responsible Sourcing Guideline

Responsible sourcing for a sustainable future

Only with extensive knowledge of the origin, production and delivery routes of the materials we use, can we ensure positive social and environmental impacts of our activities.

Supplier Quality

We select and assess our suppliers with regard to their correct handling of issues such as respect for human rights and reduction of environmental impacts. We manage reliability and product quality through strategic supplier management.


Our supply chain commitment

We have almost 4,000 suppliers who are spread around the world and range from small local businesses to large international companies. We work closely with them and we will continue to intensify this cooperation in order to embed respect for human rights even more firmly throughout our value chain. Our duty of care has been a high priority for many years.



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Henriette Dittmann
Supplier Manager
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