Folding boxes

Folding boxes made from corrugated are the perfect solution for your shipping needs
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Folding box made from corrugated cardboard

What is a folding box?

THIMM manufactures folding boxes from sustainable corrugated cardboard which means they are sustainable and completely recyclable. Folding boxes are also colloquially referred to as folding cartons, folding lid boxes or large letter boxes. Whether you want to ship your products, display them in retail outlets or gift wrap them, folding boxes are the perfect choice. In addition, they are not only environmentally friendly, but also highly adaptable.

Custom-made folding boxes

Buy custom-made folding boxes

Our tailor-made folding boxes are manufactured specifically to your individual requirements. Whether you want to pack small accessories or large items of clothing, we can offer you the perfect size. By adjusting the boxes to your precise specifications, we ensure your products are protected and presented in the best possible way.

Folding boxes – printed or unprinted?

Printed folding boxes

Transform your folding boxes into an absolute eye-catcher and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Our folding boxes give you the opportunity to present your message or your logo in an impressive way. We offer you partial, full-surface and double-sided printing to ensure your products and brand stand out and leave a lasting impression. Awaken desire and emotion with packaging as unique as your products!

Don't forget the interior: With our state-of-the-art printing technologies, we can also personalise the inside of your boxes to create a complete and perfect presentation for your products.

If you prefer to keep things simple, our folding boxes are of course also available unprinted in white or brown corrugated cardboard. Our folding boxes also offer some finishing options, such as laser-cut cutouts. This enables you to add additional design elements and add a glamorous touch to your products.

Folding boxes for commercial customers

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Uses of folding boxes

Whether you are shipping online orders, storing your goods or presenting your products in retail outlets, our folding boxes are the ideal solution. They offer you a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly packaging option. The designs can be selected according to individual requirements:

Packaging for SAMMEL MIT

Reclosable folding boxes

For repeated opening and resealing - for example for returns.

About the product
Shipping packaging for flaconi e-commerce

Folding boxes with compartments

Flexible compartments for variable product fixation of different product sizes.

About the product
Shipping box with security lock for HFO Telecom

Folding boxes with anti-theft protection

Integrated security closure - for peace of mind that your goods are safe on the move.

About the product

Regardless of size and design, our folding boxes offer excellent stability and durability. Made from robust corrugated cardboard, they withstand the demands of daily use and protect your products from damage. 

Our folding boxes can also be assembled in just a few simple steps. This means you can pack your products quickly.

Recycling of corrugated cardboard folding boxes

Pre-cuts made from corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is made entirely from renewable raw materials and is almost completely recycled after use. By recycling corrugated cardboard folding boxes, you help save resources as corrugated cardboard is an ideal circular product. It introduces extremely good fibres into the paper cycle, which is important for the paper industry.

Find out more about corrugated cardboard as a circular product here

Buy folding boxes directly from the manufacturer and secure the best price!

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