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    Shipping cartons

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    Printer cartridges

Printer cartridge packaging for the "Tintenkiste" collection system

Since 1998, SAMMEL MIT GmbH has focused on the environment and the reuse of products. Whether shoes that have already been worn or ink cartridges with a print head – SAMMEL MIT has recognised the enormous potential and has since been supporting the environment with sustainable projects. The idea and concept for the collection of printer cartridges came from the first non-profit project "SHUUZ". In this project, schools, kindergartens or households can send their already worn shoes to SAMMEL MIT, who will pass them on to people in need for small amounts of money. This saves resources and protects the environment. This idea is being followed by the second project "Tintenkiste" with sustainable packaging for printer cartridges. Schools, daycare centres and other institutions can request such a collection box online. Once the package is filled with printer cartridges, it can be returned to SAMMEL MIT free of charge and the proceeds returned to the facility.

Unique and 100% sustainable Shipping packaging for printer cartridges 

An environmentally friendly project also requires sustainable packaging. Partnering with SAMMEL MIT, THIMM has managed to meet these requirements. Thanks to the attractive digital print on the outside, the printer cartridge packaging immediately catches the eye. The flip-top box has a simple opening and closing mechanism that can be opened and closed many times. The varnish seal on the inside makes the collection box very special and thus offers the perfect protection against leaking printer cartridges. For the sake of sustainability, the packaging is made 100% from corrugated cardboard and can easily be disposed of in the paper bin for recycling.

On the end result for the printer cartridge packaging, Ingo Wegner, Managing Director of SAMMEL MIT, says:

"For the 'Tintenkiste' project, a visually appealing collection box, which is also stable enough for shipping as a large letter, is crucial. THIMM Group was able to make a significant contribution to the success of 'Tintenkiste'. Thank you very much for that!"

THIMM has supported the development process for printer cartridge packaging right from the start:

"A project as important as 'Tintenkiste', of course, also requires special packaging that contributes to the goal of environmental protection. Together, we have succeeded in designing shipping packaging that is impressive both in terms of sustainability and functionality. The striking digital print on the outside and the varnish on the inner lid make the packaging very special. 'Tintenkiste' is already in use in many schools and daycare centres. We are delighted to be able to contribute to this."

Special features of printer cartridge packaging

  • Appealing digital print on the outer lid: Thanks to an exciting digital print on the outside of the shipping packaging for printer cartridges, the packaging does not go unnoticed and catches your eye. The innovative digital printing technology eliminates the need for printing plates, saving costs and time. Thanks to its speed and flexibility, digital printing is perfect for seasonal or promotional campaigns. High-quality colour and individual design make your packaging stand out from the crowd. 
  • Safe shipping without leakages: Varnish on the inner lid protects the printer cartridge packaging from ink leaking during shipping.
  • Open and reclose many times: The flip-top box is easy to open and close thanks to the design.
  • 100% sustainable: The printer cartridge packaging made from corrugated cardboard with varnish can be easily disposed of in the waste paper and thus recycled.

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