Packaging for clothing

Our customised packaging solutions for the retail and mail order sectors are sustainable, versatile in size, shape and design, and are also environmentally friendly.
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Packaging for the textile sector

Clothing packaging from THIMM: optimum protection and a high-quality presentation

Packaging clothing sustainably

Sustainable textile packaging: a plus for the environment, an experience for your customers

High-quality packaging helps protect clothes in the best possible way during shipping and also presents them in a visually appealing manner. Our packaging made from environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard impresses with its versatility and its adaptability to the specific requirements of fashionable textiles with their individual designs and executions.

Also consider some eye-catching branding – with a unique packaging design from THIMM, your product secures the decisive market advantage!

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Customising clothing packaging and inspiring customers

E-commerce packaging for clothing

THIMM offers versatile packaging solutions for e-commerce

Shipping packaging for online retailing must fulfil many purposes! It should primarily protect the product during transportation, generate awareness, save handling costs and – if necessary – make transportation routes traceable. Digitally printable corrugated cardboard packaging from THIMM offers the best conditions for this and can do even more! With a printed QR code it strengthens the connection with your brand. These codes guide your customers directly to your website and to videos, images and information that bring the world around your products to life. Because also when it comes to clothes, imagery and virtual experiences increase customer loyalty. 

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Gift box for shirts

THIMM gift boxes for clothing: customised, high-quality and unique

With our high-quality gift boxes we have developed special packaging that supports the sale of shirts, blouses and other textiles with an eye-catching packaging design. Laser-cut patterns in the box cover arouse curiosity about the contents, make patterns and colours recognisable and bestow exclusivity to your product. The cut-outs ensure that even when the packaging is closed the merchandise with advertising messages is still displayed. The lasered motif speaks for itself, no print data are required. The opportunities for laser engraving are almost endless, and your logo, text and adornments can also be engraved. Laser cutting is very precise and is able to create the most sophisticated details. You also have the option of varying the motif and combining it with a print image. This can be used for customised, personalised and seasonally adapted packaging with a unique character that becomes an eye-catcher at the POS and on the gift table!

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Packaging for clothing and textiles

Telescope cartons made from sustainable corrugated cardboard: versatile and flexible when shipping clothing

The two-part THIMM Even telescope carton is an genuine adaptive talent. Its flexibility is particularly evident when packing clothes for shipping. The box is custom-made by us and printed individually on request. With its flexible base and lid parts, it adjusts perfectly to its contents ensuring maximum protection. This makes the telescope carton an ideal packaging solution for online shipping. Made from recyclable corrugated cardboard, it also scores highly for sustainability as a comprehensive and smart e-commerce packaging solution for clothing and other textiles!

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Shipping box for clothing

Customised shipping bags made from corrugated cardboard – the environmentally friendly shipping solution

Our sturdy shipping bags enable you to easily pack and ship flat and narrow products. From small scarves and linen to large T-shirts, shirts or trousers, they provide optimum protection against damage and dirt. 

We offer shipping bags in different sizes and designs with different lock types. Each bag is designed by us as a flat, rectangular or pouch-shaped shipping unit according to your requirements and provides a perfect platform for your advertising messaging. The focus on sustainability is visible with each of your corrugated cardboard packages. The shipping bags are made from the recyclable raw material paper and are therefore a sustainable and stable alternative to plastic shipping bags. They can be used multiple times and keep their shape even during returns!

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Clothing packed and shipped securely

Securely locked: THIMM packaging with smart locking solutions

Do you want to ensure that when your goods arrive at your customers they are still safely and securely packed? THIMM shipping packaging with a security lock provides tamper-proof protection. This ensures security the first time the shipping bag is opened. The adhesive-free THIMM secureLock clearly displays both the integrity of the secondary packaging as well as any tampering by unauthorised persons. The secure locking is performed via side locking flaps. Another special design feature is the integrated perforation, making it easier to open the packaging. THIMM also offers other locking systems for you to select, including THIMM parcelProof with an innovative cover flap, THIMM Click&Safe with its tamper-proof lock and packaging units with convenient self-adhesive strips – all designed to ensure that your product reaches its destination safely.

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The benefits of our packaging for clothing

  • Stylish presentation

    High-quality packaging made from corrugated cardboard displays clothes in a particularly appealing way. Gift boxes with laser cuts bestow more exclusivity to your product.

  • Maximum protection

    Corrugated cardboard is a robust material that protects textiles during transportation and storage. Packaged securely, the clothes arrive clean and crease-free at their destination – with your enthusiastic customers.

  • Versatility

    We develop customised solutions ideally adapted to your product. Corrugated cardboard can be cut to different sizes and shapes to meet the specific requirements of your garments.

  • Environmental awareness

    Corrugated cardboard packaging is the major player for THIMM! Cardboard boxes and displays made from the valuable raw material paper are easily recyclable. By using our packaging you are committed to sustainability!

  • Easy handling

    Packaging made from corrugated cardboard is easy to handle. It is delivered flat and is easy to assemble. This saves time and labour costs both when packing the garments and when the consumer opens the packaging.

  • Branding and marketing

    Customised print images and branding elements are displayed with maximum effect on corrugated cardboard boxes. With modern digital printing, your product stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting impression!

THIMM packaging for clothing: the sustainable solution for our customers

Packaging for clothing made from grass corrugated cardboard

Ideal for sustainable clothing: shipping boxes made from ecological grass corrugated cardboard with a smart locking solution

Environmentally friendly clothing packaging was the only solution considered for sustainable fashions from CARTA Clothing. For the start-up committed to sustainability and the fair production of clothing, we developed packaging made from ecological grass corrugated cardboard that expresses the company’s sustainability principles and its creativity. The clothing packaging impresses with its unique look and highlights the simple, clear print image perfectly. CARTA Clothing decided on THIMM parcelProof e-commerce packaging with its security lock. This means that every order has dual protection. Goods are protected during shipping in the sturdy grass corrugated cardboard box and the integrated lock mechanism provides information about packaging integrity. A smart packaging solution that is 100% sustainable and 100% recyclable!

Packaging for clothing and textiles

Climate-neutral packaging for Madeleine women’s fashion: Elegance in its most sustainable form

The fashion label Madeleine has also committed to the benefits of sustainable shipping packaging made from ecological corrugated cardboard. The company did not want to compromise in the shipping of its elegant women’s clothing and therefore decided on a robustly constructed corrugated cardboard box made from durable F-flute. Thanks to its low material thickness this type of corrugated cardboard also scores highly when it comes to costs. The six different box sizes ensure that the available space is fully utilised with every order. The printed logo in subtle white underlines the feminine elegance of the brand image. It is packaging that delivers fashions from Madeleine to their customers in a stylish, charming and sustainable way.

Sustainable shipping packaging for socks and boxer shorts

The Snocks brand focuses on sustainability and innovative communication in its shipping packaging for socks and boxer shorts. The environmentally friendly packaging is manufactured by Thimm from grass corrugated cardboard. It does not require additional packing straps as it has an with an integrated closure mechanism that protects against unauthorised access. The packaging consists of 70 percent wastepaper and 30 percent grass fibres. Snocks also uses the packaging as a digital means of communication by printing QR codes that lead to a landing page with information about the sustainability of the packaging. These measures promote customer loyalty and use digital channels for communication.

Printed packaging for clothing from THIMM transforms unpacking into an experience

Shipping boxes with customised printing attract attention

Modern printing processes ensure your shipping packaging becomes an eye-catcher. Each printing technology has its specific advantages:

In contactless digital printing, the computer transfers the print image directly to the machine without using a separate print form. Digital printing is usually the first choice for high-quality packaging for clothing.

Printed boxes for clothing

Flexo printing shines with its flexibility. The universally applicable printing process is suitable for a wide range of materials and paper grammages as well as for extra-large formats. Whether preprint, postprint or for finishing with special colours, flexo printing makes an impression!

Offset printing scores highly for small print runs of high-quality and refined packaging. For example, offset printing conjures up pearlescent and matt effects on your clothes packaging that create a wow effect for your customers.

Take advantage of digital printing for promotions and seasonal fashion collections

Speed is often a pre-requisite for campaigns and promotions in the fashion industry. Modern digital printing enables you to implement seasonal campaigns and limited editions extremely quickly and without any printing plates and tool costs. No more long lead times. Minimum order quantities? Not applicable with our digitally printed packaging! The printing process delivers a consistently high quality print image – no matter how many prints you need.

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Clothing packaging with internal printing

Eye-catching internal printing – the special unpacking experience

It’s not just the exterior of a package that has to inspire. The interior can also be designed with text and images for individual, personalised customer targeting. Create a unique world around your product with striking printing and finishes on the interior of the packaging. Modern digital printing can add value to the entire package ensuring a unique unpacking experience that affects your customers emotionally and strengthens the connection with your brand.

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