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Maximum impact at the POS: Packaging and displays for the confectionery & snack sector
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Packaging for the confectionery sector

Snack packaging from THIMM: Sustainable and sales-promoting

Snack packaging for a matchless product presentation

Customised packaging solutions made from corrugated cardboard for the best possible product presentation

Packaging plays a crucial role in a large confectionery and snacks market where purchase decisions are often made spontaneously, Our snack packaging not only sets the stage for your products, it also offers safe transportation with effective advertising impact. In this highly competitive industry attractive sales packaging and reliable transportation packaging are crucial to sales success. Take advantage of snack packaging that not only protects, but also sells!

Our merchandise-bearing displays can also support seasonal campaigns or product launches on secondary placements. Benefit from increased sales through an optimum product presentation!

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    Snack packaging for crisp bags
    Snack packaging for fruit gums
    Snack packaging for round cans
    Snack packaging for chocolate
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The benefits of our snack packaging

  • Effective product protection

    Packaging made from corrugated cardboard provides reliable protection for confectionery and snack products during their transportation and storage.

  • Attractive presentation

    The high-quality printing on our snack packaging creates awareness through a visually appealing presentation and provides the optimum space for your product messages.

  • A wide range of shapes and sizes

    Corrugated cardboard can easily be be adapted to all product shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of the confectionery and snack industry.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Our snack packaging can be easily recycled via the wastepaper bin. Support the circular economy and also protect the environment!

  • Ease of use

    Snack packaging that is easy to open and remove.

  • High-impact brand presence

    Our packaging is effective in supporting brand messaging, logos and advertising campaigns for greater brand presence, customer loyalty and increased sales.

Practical examples: Successful snack packaging from THIMM

Snack packaging for potato crisps

Practical boxes for snacks

Our individually printable boxes for snack packaging, such as crisp bags, provide excellent transportation protection and an outstanding product display at the POS. The removable lid means the boxes can also be used directly in the retail sector. They can be displayed in multiple stacks and provide the best possible view of the different snack types.

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Snack packaging with internal printing

Internally printed packaging for snacks

Transform the opening of your packaging into a positive customer experience: with customised internal printing from THIMM! This two-part packaging consists of a folding lid box as an outer box and an inlay that has been designed to fit precisely. Both components are made from corrugated cardboard. The inlay not only serves as transport protection, but is also an attractive product presentation, which in turn saves additional packaging material. The full-coloured interior, produced using a digital printing process, sets the stage perfectly for the products whilst also reinforcing brand presence. Make the first impression an unforgettable experience for your customers!

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Packaging for confectionery

Efficient range packaging

This packaging has layers or partitions, making it ideal for a wide range of products. The design not only makes it easier to see your snacks and confectionery, but also makes them easy to remove. The individually printable trays also provide effective protection for your products during transportation and storage.

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Snack packaging for round cans

Hexagonal packaging for round snacks 

Our hexagonal packaging offers higher pallet utilisation while minimising the use of materials. This creates an efficient and sustainable solution. The hexagonal design guarantees improved stability resulting in a higher load-bearing capacity in comparison to traditional square packaging.

Benefit from effective promotional sales direct from the pallet and skilfully set the stage for your snacks!

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Large snack packaging units for transportation

Large folding boxes  for snacks and confectionery

Our stable, stackable folding boxes are used for optimum product protection during shipping. The flat-pack delivery saves you transport and storage volumes. The boxes come in different sizes and are suitable as primary and secondary packaging.

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Snack packaging for fruit gums

Tray packaging for confectionery  

Our innovative tray packaging for snacks or confectionery offers a range of benefits, including the opportunity to present your products in a practical and attractive way with the cut-outs on the front also ensuring maximum shelf visibility. They also make the snacks and confectionery easy to reach.

Take advantage of the option of customised printing to strengthen your brand and increase sales of your products. 

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Snack packaging stimulates your customers’ purchase impulses and creates effective differentiation in the retail sector!

Our shelf-ready packaging, promotional sales packaging, state-of-the-art printing options and secure protective and transportation packaging provides you with customised options for showcasing your brand and snacks in the competitive environment in a unique way and with high impact.

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Uses for snack packaging

  • Grocery stores and supermarkets

    Confectionery and snack packaging is used in grocery stores and supermarkets to display products such as crisps, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and other snacks for sale in retail outlets.

  • Filling stations and convenience stores

    These packaging units are also used in filling stations and convenience stores to offer snacks and sweets for quick purchases on the go.

  • Restaurants and cafés

    Some restaurants and cafés offer their customers take-away snacks and sweets. Corrugated cardboard packaging can be used to present these products in an appealing way that is also easy for customers to transport.

  • Events and trade fairs

    Snack and sweets packaging is used to present and sell products at events, trade fairs and markets. The packaging also makes the products easy for customers to access.

  • Online mail order

    Shipping snacks and sweets via online shops requires special packaging that protects products during transportation and is also visually appealing.

  • Promotional campaigns and gift sets

    Confectionery and snack packaging is often used for promotional campaigns and gift sets, either as promotional gifts for customers or as a sales promotion at the POS.

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Displays for snacks and confectionery

Find out about our bespoke sales displays designed specifically for your snacks and confectionery. We plan and produce individually printed displays that present your products in the most advantageous way and enhance customers’ purchasing impulses. Secure attention at the POS and increase your sales with our high-quality display solutions. 

Successful snack displays from THIMM:

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