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Smart Printing

Gives products an additional benefit and communicates this.

What is smart printing?

Smart printing is revolutionising product, shipping and sales packaging and displays. This is because it combines the physical and digital worlds, offering an all-in-one solution for a wide range of requirements and functions along entire industry and retail value chains.

Today’s requirements placed on product and transportation packaging have increased dramatically. Packaging is now expected to be a communications and customer experience space, a tracking marvel, a consumer data gatherer, a security gap closer, a design individualist and more – and it is actually able to deliver this!

Christiansen Print is viewed internationally as one of the pioneers of smart printing and smart and customised packaging printing on the HP PageWide T1100S, the biggest multi-lane digital web press for packaging on the market, continuous form printing solutions are created which offer new perspectives to brands, industry, retail, logistics, converters and consumers.

Benefits of smart printing

  • Interaction

    From marketing campaigns to call-to-actions to digital user guides.

  • Track & Trace

    Use codes to track packaging, shipping routes, sales figures, etc.

  • Verification

    Automated implementation and detailed production flow with quality control.

Personalised packaging stacked in red and pink.

Personalised packaging as an individual dialogue area

Consumers’ rising expectations of the variety and customisation of products and their packaging continue to increase sharply. Customers are willing to pay significantly more for customised products and their packaging than for standard options.

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