Compliance and reporting

Legally compliant and transparent business practices.

Sustainability policies, standards and commitments

Our Code of Conduct

We ensure that all our employees are informed about the applicable regulations and guidelines and that they comply with the Code of Conduct in their daily interactions. Regular training sessions share the understanding of ethical standards to promote a culture of integrity and responsible behaviour.

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Our Reporting

We compile regular sustainability reports which explain our sustainable activities in a transparent manner.

The reports cover a number of topics, including our environmental performance, social responsibility and governance practices. They also document our progress, objectives, measures and key figures. The reports therefore provide a comprehensive overview of our sustainability efforts.

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Quality Management

Highest standards in all areas: We work to continuously improve and ensure that our products and services meet the high quality standards that our customers expect from us. Our quality management systems meet the requirements of international standards and are regularly reviewed by external certification bodies.

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External Assessments

We have our sustainability activities and management systems regularly assessed by independent audit firms and recognised platforms. This allows us to ensure that potential business risks are identified, avoided or mitigated.

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Stefanie Martin

Stefanie Martin
Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager
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