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Digital codes

Automated production, accurate quantity planning and more customer interaction.

What are digital codes?

Digital codes enable networking between the analogue and digital worlds. The mostly inconspicuous, seemingly arbitrarily arranged lines and shapes are now part of our everyday life. The benefits for the customer are obvious. For example, there are some QR codes that save you the tedium of entering data or that take you to the website you want with just one click. However, with the right reader, the codes also offer many advantages for companies and their processes.

Benefits of codes at a glance

  • Flexibility

    Codes can be placed anywhere and in almost any size. Scanning capability and readability are always guaranteed.

  • Leading-edge

    An endless number of different codes are possible (personalisation, customisation)

  • Sustainability

    No additional labels required.

  • Verification

    Automated implementation and detailed production flow with quality control.

  • Track & Trace

    Track packaging, shipping routes, sales figures, etc.

  • Interaction

    From marketing campaigns to calls-to-action to digital user guides.

Codes as a trump card in the packaging industry

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How are codes generated?

Codes are used in many different ways in the packaging industry. Our experts work with professional programs to create a wide range of codes for you and then integrate them into your print image. These codes can be EAN codes, QR codes or special requests, (almost) anything is possible in digital printing – even variable codes, i.e. dynamic codes – each of which is unique.

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Target groups and added value of codes

Codes can impart important information for manufacturers, employees, end customers, disposal companies, etc. Orders with several code variants and different functions can also be implemented. The codes are also customised precisely to your needs and requirements. This means that, thanks to these printed codes, your packaging is fulfilling much more than its intrinsic function as it is providing you with significant added value along the entire supply chain in a very straightforward way. From production to recycling, the possibilities are endless.

Internet of Packs: Codes sind ein zentrales Element

The vision of the Internet of Packs is to make every package traceable through the entire supply chain using digitally printed codes and provide information at many points to enable more autonomous processes.

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Example video of digitally printed codes

Find out more about digital codes

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