Packaging development at THIMM

Packaging Development: Customised solutions from THIMM

  • Individual workshops
  • Creating a packaging concept
  • Inspection of packaging according to a wide range of criteria
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THIMM packaging development: Customised. Creative. Modern.

Sustainable packaging development

Optimising packaging materials. Creating brand experiences.

Packaging ensures smooth logistics, protects the product and acts as an ambassador for your brand. Rethink your packaging solutions and create an innovative packaging concept with us. 

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Developing packaging with THIMM – how you benefit

  • The common theme

    We work together to create a packaging concept that lays the foundation for your success.

  • Innovative workshop

    Our packaging development workshop involves all departments and provides optimal support.

  • Working with experts

    Our packaging engineers are highly experienced and help you think through all of the relevant criteria.

  • Saving valuable time

    Our experts develop your custom packaging solutions overnight in project workshops.

  • Detailed packaging planning

    Our planning service addresses your requirements, production processes and wishes in full.

  • Modern packaging development

    At THIMM, we work with the latest technologies and design prototypes in 2D and 3D.

  • Data management

    If required, we can store the master data for your packaging in a packaging database.

  • Packaging testing

    We extensively test the durability of the packaging materials we develop in our packaging tests.

Looking for inspiration? We have developed the following packaging

    Laser-stamped gift box for clothing
    POS packaging for lamps
    Drinks packaging for cans and bottles made from corrugated cardboard
    Digitally printed packaging for cleaning devices
    Shelf-ready packaging for bottles with an integrated carry handle
    Wrap-around packaging made from grass corrugated cardboard
    Venta air purifier packaging
    Burger packaging made of corrugated cardboard
    Crisps in stackable trays
    Advent calendar as product packaging
    Sliding box used for shipping
    Padded boxes for bottles
    Internally printed packaging for buah

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Björn Bartram

Björn Bartram
Director Best Solution
+49 5551 703 615

THIMM packaging development: The process

Creating a packaging development concept

A must for success: design

After store checks and best practice analysis, we move on to the workshop. All areas and departments are involved in developing the concept. We work out all the criteria that the new packaging should meet on this basis. 

Packaging development workshop

Our packaging development workshop

The workshop helps to investigate complex packaging problems and address them in packaging development. As the requirements of the various departments are so different, we conduct value analysis together. 

Standard packaging adapted to pallet dimensions

Coherent logistics thanks to optimal packaging

Standard packaging adapted to pallet dimensions optimises the utilisation of your storage space. We use modern technologies to streamline your logistics process and develop packing and palletising suggestions for your products.

Value analysis for packaging development

Recognising what's important: value analysis

Our value analysis determines the different criteria across the entire team and assesses their respective importance. We compare your existing packaging with new packaging developments.

Packaging experts at THIMM

Planning packaging is a matter for experts

Our packaging engineers plan your new packaging based on the results of our value analysis. They focus on the packaging properties, your packaging processes, the packaging volume and the means of transport used.

Packaging development through sustainable packaging material

Defining packaging materials

Our packaging development service is result-oriented and holistic. Depending on your requirements, we design using paper-based, sustainable materials such as corrugated cardboard, solid board and paper, as well as various padded materials. 

CAD software solution for packaging development

Packaging development with modern CAD technology

We use high-quality CAD software solutions in the development process. 2D drawings are essential for prototyping, the next step in the process. 

Prototyping in packaging development

Prototyping and packaging testing

The data goes to the plotter, which forms the basis for creating the prototype. Once you have approved this, we will test the product for resistance to static, dynamic and climatic stresses. 

Standardisation in packaging development

Lower costs thanks to standardisation

Our packaging development service doesn't just focus on clear standards. At the same time, we create the technical conditions for proper packaging specifications.

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Björn Bartram

Björn Bartram
Director Best Solution
+49 5551 703 615

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We also offer packaging optimisation.

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