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What does the term Internet of Packs mean?

Similar to the term Internet of Things, Internet of Packs refers to the networking of objects or machines in the industrial environment using the Internet – but related to packaging.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already enabling many industries to further increase automation in their production processes. Computers and machines are networked and communicate with each other. There are also numerous opportunities for networked and autonomous processes in the corrugated cardboard industry. THIMM sees the digitalisation of the packaging sector as a key success factor for the future and describes this with its specific digitalisation vision of Internet of Packs (IoP).

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Internet of Packs – THIMM

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With the Internet of Packs THIMM is formulating a clear digitalisation vision: The Internet of Packs describes fully networked and traceable supply chains for all products, made possible by digitally printed packaging. 

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Networked supply chains in the Internet of Packs

Gain benefits

  • Autonomous production processes
  • Data collection along the supply chain
  • No labels required
  • Optimum customer interaction
  • Product track-and-trace
  • Accurate volume planning

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How packaging is digitalising supply chains

Printed packaging is the decisive factor in the Internet of Packs. It serves as a central information medium along the entire product pathway to the end user. The vision is to make every package traceable throughout the entire supply chain using digitally printed codes and to provide information in many places for more autonomous processes. The process starts with paper. Before it is further processed into corrugated cardboard packaging, the paper is digitally preprinted with a continuous code and the desired print image.

From this point on, the code assumes different functions. For example, the code is read by the machines in the packaging plant that process the paper into corrugated cardboard and packaging. This provides them with the relevant data for automated order processing. During production the code can be used to automate the transportation of the packaging to the product manufacturer and to retailers. Relevant information such as the destination and the responsible logistics company can also be stored in the code for this purpose. The Internet of Packs therefore enables complete traceability of the packaging and the goods contained in it up to the retail outlet. This has a key benefit for retailers as the planning of sales volumes specifically can be hugely improved with digitalised supply chains.

But even after the sale, the codes on the packaging prove to be extremely useful. As QR codes, they enable product manufacturers to communicate and interact with their end customer. From marketing campaigns and instruction manuals to transparent information about the product’s supply chain or ingredients – all this can be represented by a single code.

Benefits of the Internet of Packs

One code. Endless possibilities.

With smart codes on your packaging to automated production, more accurate volume planning and more customer interaction. THIMM makes it possible.

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Digital printing makes Internet of Packs possible

At the heart of this vision for the Internet of Packs is digital printing, which enables continuous codes to be printed in infinite numbers on the paper rolls. By investing in an additional digital printing system, THIMM has taken a significant step towards its digitalisation vision and can now rely on even greater capacities in digital preprint. But even without purchasing their own digital printing system, companies can drive forward the digitalisation of their own supply chains and help shape the Internet of Packs. Through the subsidiary Christiansen Print the entire corrugated cardboard industry can access digital printing with digital preprint within THIMM Group. This is an important step in the digitalisation of the sector and offers customers the opportunity to customise the design of their products efficiently.

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