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Sustainable corrugated cardboard pallet sleeves for appealing product presentations

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Sales promotion through pallet sleeves: environmentally friendly solution for your product presentation

A corrugated cardboard pallet sleeve is not only an environmentally friendly packaging solution, but also an effective advertising medium. With customised printing, it attracts the attention of your customers and boosts the presence of your brand. The pallet sleeve also offers optimum protection against dust, dirt and damage for the products arranged on the pallet.

Our corrugated cardboard pallet sleeves are not only fully recyclable, but also lightweight and easy to handle. They can easily be adapted to different display sizes, making them ideal for use in retail environments such as supermarkets, department stores and specialist shops. Discover the versatile possibilities of our pallet sleeve now!

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The benefits of pallet sleeves at a glance

  • Protection

    The pallet sleeve provides effective protection against dust, dirt and damage during transport and storage of products.

  • Advertising effect

    A custom-printed pallet sleeve can boost a brand’s image and attract the attention of customers.

  • Sustainability

    Corrugated cardboard pallet sleeves are made of a recyclable material and therefore help to reduce the ecological footprint.

  • Adaptability

    The pallet sleeve can easily be adapted to different pallet sizes and shapes to ensure optimal fit and functionality.

  • Simplicity

    Due to its low weight and easy handling, corrugated cardboard is a lightweight and user-friendly packaging option that simplifies the packaging and logistics process significantly.

  • Flexibility

    Corrugated cardboard pallet sleeves easily adapt to different pallet sizes and product shapes, providing a flexible display solution.

Purchase customised pallet sleeves directly from the manufacturer!

Rely on first-class quality and customised solutions by purchasing your pallet sleeve directly from the manufacturer. Direct access to our experts means you receive personalised advice to help you meet your display requirements 100%. Choose the very best quality, personalised advice and maximum efficiency to take your product presentation to the next level!

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Boost your brand presence: custom pallet sleeve designs

A custom-printed pallet sleeve is a great way to put your brand in the spotlight and attract the attention of your customers. THIMM Group offers a range of printing technologies such as digital printing, flexo printing or offset printing to ensure the best possible results for your application.

By placing your advertising message on a pallet sleeve, you can boost your brand presence at the point of sale for the long term. The use of colours, logos and graphics allows you to present your products in an appealing way and arouse customers’ interest. Discover the wide range of design options and benefit from a strong advertising effect thanks to custom-printed pallet sleeves.

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