Promotional displays for snacks

Efficient pallet displays for the product launch of nut mixes
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Promotional displays for snacks

Efficient promotional displays: a handful of good mood

Promotional displays for snack bags

Sofakrimi, Tagträumer, Geistesblitzer, Coffee Break and Prachtstück are the snack mixes being promoted in the promotional display. Thimm developed and produced the efficient displays for the joint presentation of all five snack types from the Alexander Nut Group.

Alexander Nut Group Holding GmbH is a sister company of the European snack producer Lorenz Snack-World. THIMM produced the promotional displays for the product launch of the nut-fruit mixes: This meant that all the snack types were clearly presented and easily accessible in one single display. The two-level product design makes it easy to place the shelf boxes without having to insert the snack bags individually. This improved both restocking efficiency and the presentation of goods in retail outlets.

Thimm produced the 1/4 pallet display made from B-flute corrugated cardboard in offset printing. The edge angles on which the top products are placed, along with the support beams, are made from laminated EE corrugated cardboard and they ensure the required stability. The die-cut contour topper is integrated seamlessly into the display cover and actively supports sales promotion in food retail outlets.

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Intended uses for promotional displays in the snacks industry

Promotional displays in the snack industry are extremely versatile and have several functions, including optimising the presentation of snack products and promoting sales. One frequent use area are point-of-sale promotions where sales displays are placed directly at the point of sale to draw customers’ attention to certain snack products. This strategy is particularly effective for generating impulse purchases and increasing sales.

Promotional displays are also often used to present new products. When a company launches a new snack onto the market, promotional displays help showcase these products prominently and attract customers’ interest. Promotional displays are also used for seasonal or themed campaigns, such as Christmas or Easter holidays, or for special events such as sports events or summer festivals. Last but not least, promotional displays are also used for targeted product placement. A strategic placement of these displays increases the visibility of certain snack products in a store and sets them apart from other products.

Benefits of promotional displays for snacks

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Easy removal

    This design allows for easy removal – important for successful sales.

  • Sales promotion displays

    Create additional purchase incentives at the point of sale with secondary placements.

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