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E-commerce boxes from THIMM

E-commerce boxes from THIMM

Sustainable e-commerce boxes made from corrugated cardboard

What are e-commerce boxes?

E-commerce boxes are customised packaging solutions designed specifically for shipping products from online retail, mail order retail and e-commerce. Their main purpose is to ensure product protection during transportation.

The highlight of these boxes is their ability to adapt to different product sizes and shapes. They are also often made from corrugated cardboard. As it is possible to print on the entire (external and internal) surfaces of the boxes, they are an effective platform for brand messaging and improve the unpacking experience for customers. E-commerce boxes therefore play a key role in optimising the shipping process and increasing customer satisfaction of online retailing.

Benefits of e-commerce boxes

  • Product protection and security

    E-commerce boxes provide reliable and robust packaging that protects your products during shipping.

  • Unpacking experience

    The internal printing creates a positive unpacking experience for your customers which also strengthens and promotes brand and customer loyalty.

  • Customisation options

    We customise e-commerce boxes to meet your specific product requirements by creating different sizes, shapes or printed designs to enhance your brand identity.

  • Environmentally friendly

    E-commerce boxes made from corrugated cardboard are an environmentally friendly packaging option that is 100% recyclable.

  • Smart boxes

    Digital codes are integrated for customers to scan to access additional information and verify product authenticity.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Purchasing directly from the manufacturer means you can obtain high-quality e-commerce boxes at competitive prices and therefore optimise costs.

  • Tamper-proof lock

    E-commerce boxes with a security lock ensure that the initial opening process is indeed secure, therefore providing tamper-proof protection.

  • Reusability and secondary use

    Boxes are not only reusable or suitable for a secondary purpose, they are also ideal for returns.

  • Product fixing

    Internal padding or partitions in e-commerce boxes ensure products are fixed securely in order to minimise movement during transportation and therefore prevent damage.

Why use boxes made from corrugated cardboard for e-commerce?

E-commerce boxes made from sustainable corrugated cardboard

The focus on sustainability through the use of corrugated cardboard boxes helps minimise the ecological footprint of e-commerce. These boxes not only enable safe transportation of goods, but also an environmentally friendly disposal after use. Consumer awareness of environmental aspects is high and consumers value companies that contribute actively to a more sustainable future.

Corrugated cardboard is sustainable from the ground up as it is made from naturally renewable raw materials. It is also an ecologically valuable circular product: even after up to 20 recycling cycles, corrugated cardboard is still a recyclable material which underlines its role as a resource-saving packaging option for e-commerce.

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Secure locks for e-commerce boxes

Reliable locks are of crucial importance in the e-commerce sector. THIMM offers various locking options that provide effective tamper-proof protection. The visible destruction of the locks during opening allows the customer to recognise immediately if the product has been compromised during transportation.

The THIMM product range has been supplemented by adhesive locks for e-commerce boxes: Self-adhesive strips close boxes without additional tape, which makes shipping and returns easier. Integrated perforations or tear-off threads make it easy for the recipient to open the box and makes unpacking an effortless experience.

    Sealing an e-commerce box
    E-commerce box for beauty products
    E-commerce box for food products
    E-commerce box made from grass paper
    E-commerce box with adhesive strips

Impressive unpacking experiences with e-commerce boxes

E-commerce box with colourful internal printing

In online retailing boxes are the first physical touchpoint with your customers and are the representation of your business. This is your opportunity to use thoughtful design and high-quality printing to create an unforgettable unpacking experience. Customers are particularly receptive at this emotional moment, which contributes to targeted branding and long-term customer loyalty.

The versatility of e-commerce boxes means you can transmit both your products and your brand values. Focusing on impressive unpacking experiences can positively influence your customers’ expectations and sustainably reinforce your brand.

Internal printing further intensifies the unpacking experience: customised internal printing not only enhances brand presence, it also offers the opportunity to integrate additional information, instructions or personalised messages. This creative approach helps make unpacking both a functional act and an emotional experience for the customer.

Smart e-commerce boxes

Smart e-commerce boxes

Smart digital boxes create a variety of innovative e-commerce applications. Microchips, electronic codes and printed electronics open up endless possibilities. For example, smart e-commerce boxes facilitate a seamless track-and-trace of supply chains in real time and provide tamper-proof protection through unique codes.

Have you ever integrated digital storytelling into e-commerce boxes to create effective customer engagement? This creates a unique digital world around your brand – from product simulations expanded virtually through to links to similar or complementary products. And when these are forwarded to digital communities, this promotes intensive experience sharing.

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Effective product fixing in e-commerce boxes

E-commerce boxes with integrated product fixing ensure the safe and secure shipping of your products. Innovative fixing functions made from corrugated cardboard can be adapted flexibly and securely to your products. Their versatile designs mean they can be adapted to different product sizes and shapes, leading to an efficient use of materials and an optimum volume utilisation in your e-commerce boxes which in turns helps your company save costs.

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    E-commerce box with partitions
    E-commerce box for product protection
    E-commerce box with product fixing
    E-commerce box made from brown corrugated cardboard
Climate-neutral e-commerce boxes

Climate-neutral e-commerce boxes

CO₂e emissions cannot be completely avoided in the production and delivery of cardboard boxes. However, investments in selected climate protection projects create an CO₂e offset.

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