Packaging as a brand ambassador

Corrugated cardboard packaging: why it’s a good idea
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Packaging acts as a brand ambassador

Why is packaging the perfect brand ambassador?

Packaging is often the first thing customers see of a product. It leaves a lasting impression, arouses interest and influences the purchase decision. Printed packaging often carries the brand logo, colours and design that define the brand identity, ensuring recognition.

Innovative and customised packaging solutions reflect the brand’s values and quality. They convey important information about the products, emphasise their quality and increase their value. Packaging shapes the brand image, promotes customer loyalty and remains in the consumer’s memory. Rely on sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging to optimally present and strengthen your brand.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solution

Packaging as a sustainable brand ambassador

Environmental awareness and the responsible use of precious resources are important values that many companies want to convey to their customers. With a sustainable packaging solution made from recyclable corrugated cardboard, you can convey a positive image directly at the POS. Turn your packaging into a sustainable brand ambassador with the help of THIMM!

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Versatile packaging as a brand ambassador

Versatile design options

Flexible and adaptable: corrugated cardboard is an optimum basis for individual packaging solutions that enable you to convey your brand convincingly – at the POS or directly in your customers’ homes.

Corrugated cardboard can be flexibly adapted to requirements as early as the production stage: individual packaging for every requirement is created from different flute pitches and flute heights as well as different types of paper and grammages used. Whatever you choose, corrugated cardboard is stable and sustainable and can be transformed into visually impressive packaging for any conceivable product.

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Food packaging as a brand ambassador

Corrugated cardboard for optimum product protection

It’s the mixture that does it: corrugated cardboard is lightweight and robust at the same time and is therefore ideal for protecting even delicate products – whether during transport, in storage or at the POS. The reason is the wave-like design, which creates a cushion that absorbs shocks and vibrations very well.

Thanks to the sustainable ComBa® coating, corrugated cardboard is also the ideal packaging for food: even hot, deep-fried or very greasy foods can be hygienically and attractively packaged and transported. Ensure a positive brand experience for your customers at all times with our packaging solutions!

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How packaging is used as a brand ambassador

Impressive at first glance

Packaging is often consumers’ first point of contact with a brand. It should be selected with appropriate care. While corrugated cardboard as a high-quality and at the same time environmentally friendly material sends an important brand message in itself, the packaging design and colour concept are also decisive. Visual aspects such as the logo and its placement on the packaging, the font and the colour scheme are particularly important in marketing when it comes to making a first impression (which must be as positive as possible and also last).

Cleverly designed packaging serves as the perfect brand ambassador because it evokes emotions in customers.

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Brand consistency in packaging

Brand consistency thanks to smart packaging concept

Corrugated cardboard is ideal for delivering a consistent brand experience to your customers thanks to its many positive properties: across all sales channels, from e-commerce and social media to the point of sale, and for easy, environmentally aware disposal and reuse – packaging plays a key role in maintaining brand consistency throughout the entire customer lifecycle. One and the same packaging variant from start to finish: this works perfectly with corrugated cardboard! The sustainable packaging base is very robust and at the same time lightweight – ideal requirements for high-quality shipping boxes. The durable material is also perfectly suited to storage. For the point of sale, attractive and high-quality individual packaging solutions can be created from corrugated cardboard – for example product packaging, displays, trays or promotional packaging for every requirement.

As a classic circular product, corrugated cardboard packaging can not only be disposed of easily and quickly, it is also recyclable and has a high recycling rate. Underline the positive image of your brand with high-quality, environmentally friendly packaging – right from the start!

Create trust with the optimum packaging

Captivate your customers at first glance – our sustainable packaging solutions strengthen your brand!

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Strengthen your brand presence with modern and appealing packaging

Brand message through packaging printing

State-of-the-art technologies make it possible! Strengthen your brand and showcase your products with digital printing, flexo printing or offset printing. We offer you the ideal solution for every requirement. Offset printing, for example, is primarily used for high-quality and sophisticated displays and packaging. Flexo printing, a direct high-pressure process, is primarily used in packaging printing due to its flexibility and cost-efficiency. A distinction is made here between preprint and postprint. Digital printing has the great advantage that no machine setup is required, which makes the process particularly efficient. There is no print medium, instead the print image is transferred directly to the printing machine via a computer.

Use printed packaging – as an important information medium and as a brand ambassador. Give your high-quality packaging and thus your brand even more individuality and real added value: wow your customers with our modern printing technologies!

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Packaging as a brand ambassador: success stories

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Digitally printed packaging for a first-class cooking experience at home: HelloFresh and THIMM

How does your packaging become a brand ambassador? We would be happy to advise you!

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