THIMM is driving digitalisation forward – in the packaging sector and beyond.

Internet of Packs

Networked supply chains in the Internet of Packs

Experience digitalisation. Benefit from the advantages.

Printed packaging is the decisive factor in the Internet of Packs. It serves as a central information medium along the entire product pathway to the end user. Find out how THIMM digitalises your supply chains with packaging

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Digital codes

White packaging with a QR code on the side

Endless possibilities.

With smart codes on your packaging to automated production, more accurate volume planning and more customer interaction. THIMM makes it possible.

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Smart Printing

Personalised packaging stacked in red and pink.

Packaging printing as intelligent as it is individual.

Today’s requirements placed on product and transportation packaging have increased dramatically. Packaging is now expected to be a communications and customer experience space, a tracking marvel, a consumer data gatherer, a security gap closer, a design individualist and more – and it is actually able to deliver this!

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Augmented Reality

A person using augmented reality for packaging

Bring packaging to life with AR.

Augmented reality merges the real and virtual worlds. AR-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used to display digital content such as animations, videos or interactive elements. This turns packaging into an interactive platform that provides users with a unique experience while also providing useful information.

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Digital printing: Flexible. Fast. Sustainable.

Use digital packaging printing from THIMM and achieve numerous benefits – both for your customers and your own production processes. 

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Implementing digitalisation very easily.

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