Retail packaging from THIMM: Smart solutions for the POS

Merchandise presentation with impact: Sales promotion and innovation.
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The benefits of modern retail packaging from THIMM

  • Sales promotion

    POS packaging has a positive impact on purchasing decisions.

  • Brand impact

    Innovative designs with high-quality printing give brands an impact.

  • Merchandise presentation

    Exciting display solutions at the POS increase attention.

The appropriate packaging for every retail requirement.

Climate-neutral packaging. THIMM makes environmental awareness visible.

Environmentally friendly retail packaging makes a difference at the POS. Make your position on sustainability and environmental protection clear – with climate-neutral solutions from THIMM.

Packaging solutions for a positive CO2 footprint

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Packaging and displays for the perfect product presentation

Digitally-printed shelf trays

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and Displays

With SRP packaging, your products are prepared in the best possible way for sales off the shelf. Shelf-ready packaging appeals to your target group and makes product handling and shelf maintenance easier.

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Floor displays for confectionery

High-quality merchandise displays

In addition to the retail space on the shelf, pallet displays, floor-standing or counter displays augment the presentation of goods at the POS. These displays showcase new product launches, promotional goods and top sellers in an eye-catching way.

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Modern packaging solutions for the retail sector

    Shelf-ready packaging for bottles with an integrated carry handle
    Digitally printed packaging for cleaning devices
    Packaging with digital printing for air purifiers
    Corrugated cardboard folding boxes in small standard sizes
    Wrap-around packaging made from grass corrugated cardboard
    Cardboard boxes for snacks: Crisps in stackable trays
    Digitally-printed shelf trays

Innovative retail packaging for your product

Packaging consultancy and service from THIMM

Enjoy strong sales with THIMM

We are familiar with the requirements for packaging and displays across all sectors. Whether it’s FMCG such as food products or you’re looking for a customised solution for your product, THIMM knows what is important in POS packaging!

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Vision of the Internet of Packs – THIMM

Intelligently shaping the future. Internet of Packs with THIMM

The Internet of Packs: More than just a vision at THIMM. Digitally printed retail packaging makes the entire product journey traceable. Our goal is to digitalise and network the entire supply chain, beyond the packaging industry!

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