Sustainable meal boxes and meal trays from THIMM

Made from environmentally friendly foodWave® | With sustainable coating if required | Highest hygiene standards
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THIMM meal box

Environmentally friendly disposable crockery from THIMM

Corrugated cardboard instead of plastic or aluminium trays 

Store and transport cold and warm meals safely – that's no problem with our meal boxes and meal trays. These are made from fresh fibre paper from renewable raw materials – making them the ideal replacement for traditional aluminium or plastic trays. 

The advantages of our meal boxes at a glance

  • Recyclable

    The environmentally friendly boxes can be easily disposed of in the wastepaper bin when empty.

  • For different foods

    Main dishes, salads, appetisers or desserts can be stored and transported in the boxes.

  • Flexible storage

    The filled meal boxes and trays can be easily stored in the refrigerator.

  • Optimum size

    The box dimensions can be individually adapted to any product.

  • Easy handling

    The collapsible boxes can be set up in just a few simple steps and are immediately ready for use.

  • Sustainable coating

    The food packaging remains sustainable despite the coating to ensure optimal storage.

    Menübox aus umweltfreundlicher Wellpappe für Lebensmittel
    Menübox aus umweltfreundlicher Wellpappe für Schnitzel, Pommes und Salat
    Menübox aus umweltfreundlicher Wellpappe für Salate
    Menübox aus umweltfreundlicher Wellpappe
    Menübox für Restaurant und Imbiss
    Menübox aus umweltfreundlicher Wellpappe für Nudeln

Sustainable meal box solutions from THIMM

Innovative alternatives thanks to foodWave® 

Making direct food contact practical and environmentally friendly at the same time: Our foodWave® corrugated cardboard supports you on your journey towards a sustainable future – naturally produced according to BRC standards, recyclable and mineral oil-free.

Meal trays and boxes for every need: We would be happy to advise you!

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