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Customer support team leader at THIMM

Head of customer support in Všetaty

Jakub Letko reports

Packaging consultant at THIMM

Business Project Manager at THIMM in Northeim

Stefanie Martin reports

PEOPLE manager at THIMM

PEOPLE manager international in Northeim

Barbara Kassner reports

Trainer for new employees at THIMM

Trainer for new employees in Všetaty

Petr Hotyš reports

Sales Managerin Dänemark bei THIMM

THIMM sales manager in Denmark

Tina Bonde reports

Auftragskoordinator bei THIMM

Order coordinator at THIMM in Všetaty

Carsten Reuter reports

Entwicklerin und Designerin bei THIMM

Developer and designer in Všetaty

Barbora Enöklová reports

Lean production expert at THIMM

Lean production expert in Northeim

Leif Sönksen reports

Print preparation team leader at THIMM

Print preparation team leader in Všetaty

Tomáš Polák reports

Business development at THIMM

Business development at THIMM | digit49

Maurice Weinhardt reports

Business development at THIMM | digit49

Maurice Weinhardt reports

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