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What is shelf-ready packaging?

Shelf-ready packaging, often abbreviated as SRP, is a packaging solution specifically designed for retail. It is intended to package products in such a way that they can be placed directly on the sales shelf without additional outer packaging. The main goal of shelf-ready packaging is to increase retail efficiency, maximise product visibility and simplify the entire packaging process.

Typically, shelf-ready packaging has the following features:

  • Easy identification
    Key logistics information and the product name should be easily identifiable and visible on shelf-ready packaging, even if the transport packaging is still closed. The product should also be easily identifiable within the packaging when on the shelf.

  • Easy to open
    A minimum of time and personnel should be required to open shelf-ready packaging. The opening mechanism itself should be clearly and visibly marked. Risk of injury should be eliminated to the greatest possible extent. No other tools or resources should be required for stocking shelves.

  • Easy shelf
    Shelf-ready packaging should provide adequate stability, support and stackability, and should be adapted to fit shelf dimensions. Shelf-ready packaging should be as easy to handle as possible.

  • Easy to shop
    Products should be easy to reach, remove and put back. Outer packaging can also be printed with an eye-catching design that places the brand name and logo clearly in focus. Even if the product unit is almost sold out, shelf-ready packaging still offers appealing product presentation.

  • Easy disposal
    If possible, the packaging should be made of a single material (without composite materials), and should fold away quickly and easily without the need for extra tools. This makes it easy to dispose of shelf-ready packaging.

Promote impulse purchases with shelf-ready packaging

Promote impulse purchases with shelf-ready packaging

In the retail world, it’s not just about having great products – it’s also about how you present them. Appealing product presentation can have a huge impact on sales, encourage impulse buying and strengthen the perception of your brand. The secret to achieving all this lies in shelf-ready packaging.

Why is shelf-ready packaging so important?

Shelf-ready packaging is key to maximising the visibility and appeal of your retail products. It goes beyond simple boxes. It is a well thought-out packaging solution that puts products directly on the shelf without the need for additional preparation. Why is this so important?

  • To encourage impulse purchases

    An appealing design and eye-catching product display in shelf-ready packaging can tempt customers to make spontaneous purchases. If your products wow the customer at first glance, they are more likely to end up in their shopping trolley.

  • To increase efficiency

    Shelf-ready packaging streamlines the shelf replenishment process. It saves time and money, as employees spend less time on outer packaging.

  • To strengthen your brands

    You can boost brand awareness and differentiate your products from the competition with custom branding on shelf-ready packaging. Promote customer loyalty through a positive shopping experience.

Shelf-ready packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard

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Shelf-ready packaging covers a variety of packaging types

Crisps in stackable trays

Different types of shelf-ready packaging are used depending on the specific requirements and products of the retail sector or industry. Here are some of the most common SRP types:

Shelf-ready packaging: high tray with lid

This shelf-ready packaging consists of a tray and a lid. It is particularly suitable for products that need to be stacked and protected during transport, for example. Practical recesses in the tray make it easy for customers to remove the products. 

In addition, shelf-ready packaging offers the option of custom printing to present the brand and product information effectively. This supports brand perception and promotes sales. Overall, it is a versatile solution for displaying products in a space-saving and appealing way in the retail environment, while protecting them at the same time.

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Wrap-around packaging made from grass corrugated cardboard

Shelf-ready packaging: High tray with stacking edge

This shelf-ready packaging has a raised edge on top, called a stacking edge. This stacking edge makes it possible to stack several trays safely on top of each other without damaging the product inside. It offers space and storage efficiency. This is especially useful in situations where there is limited shelf space or when products need to be transported and displayed in larger quantities. This shelf-ready packaging type is versatile and can be used in a variety of industries, including food, electronics, household goods and DIY.

Like other SRP designs, stackable-edge high trays can be customised to include brand identity and product information. They offer an optimal solution for presenting products in an appealing way while protecting the products during transport and on the shelf.

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Shelf-ready packaging: flat trays

The flat shape of the trays ensures a clear visibility of the products, which in turn can encourage impulse purchases. They are also extremely user-friendly and can be placed directly on the shelf without additional preparation. This makes it easier to fill the shelves and saves time and labour costs.

Flat trays can be customised to meet specific requirements, making them ideal for integrating branding elements and product information. They are widely used in various industries, including household goods, food, electronics and cosmetics, as they offer an effective way of displaying products in a clear and appealing manner.

Overall, flat trays as an SRP solution help to improve product perception, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. They provide an efficient solution for showcasing products in retail by improving visibility and the shopping experience for customers.

Shelf-ready packaging for bottles with an integrated carry handle

Shelf-ready packaging: Tray with tear perforation 

A tray with tear perforation provides a convenient way of opening shelf-ready packaging without the need for additional tools. The integrated viewing window allows customers to see the product inside, making their purchase decision easier.

This shelf-ready packaging also features a practical carrying handle that makes transport and handling easier. This makes it ideal for retail, as it improves product presentation and optimises the customer experience.

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Application areas for shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-ready packaging is used in various industries to optimally present products in retail and optimise the sales process. Here are some examples of industries where SRP is used:

  • Food & beverage industry

    Shelf-ready packaging is often used in supermarkets and grocery stores to present food, beverages and snacks in an attractive way. This packaging solution encourages impulse purchases and simplifies shelf replenishment.

  • Household products

    Items such as detergents, cosmetics and household products are often presented in shelf-ready packaging to maximise their visibility and enhance brand recognition.

  • Electronics

    Electronics stores use shelf-ready packaging to present electronic devices and accessories such as headphones, batteries and charging cables clearly and appealingly.

  • Toys and entertainment

    Toy shops use shelf-ready packaging to showcase toys, games and entertainment products for children and adults effectively and increase the incentive to make a purchase.

  • Healthcare products

    Medical and health-related goods are often offered in shelf-ready packaging in pharmacies and drugstores to enhance presentation and assist customers with their purchase decisions.

  • DIY and DIY stores

    In DIY stores, tools, building materials and DIY products are presented with shelf-ready packaging to increase visibility and help customers prepare for DIY projects.

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