Shelf packs for bottles with integrated carrying handle

Attractive retro-style design
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Shelf-ready packaging for bottles with an integrated carry handle
Drinks packaging with a carry handle

For a special beer edition for shelf sales, packaging for eight bottles was developed by the Staropramen and THIMM companies.

  • High-quality flexo printing

    Our flexo printing technology showcases your products and brand to promote sales.

  • 100% recyclable

    All corrugated cardboard packaging is fully recyclable – an ideal circular product.

  • Extremely rigid

    Corrugated cardboard packaging is lightweight yet sturdy.

A retro graphic customised for High Quality PostPrint (HQPP) flexographic technology was designed for the corrugated portable beer packaging.

The corrugated board portable beer packaging was designed to be captivating at the point of sale and at the same time practical for the consumer. Consumers can easily open the portable beer packaging. Easy opening of the beer packaging is ensured by a cascading perforation. In order to carry the beer packaging easily and safely, a carrying handle reinforced with a plastic strap has been integrated into the design of the corrugated cardboard portable beer packaging.

Shelf packs for bottles with integrated carrying handle

Advantages of the portable beer packaging for the producer

  • Portable beer packaging design is ideal for automatic packaging
  • Communication with the consumer through storytelling on the portable beer packaging with high-quality print images in HQPP printing
  • Enhanced visibility of portable beer packaging at point of sale through premium print quality and eye-catching design
  • Stable construction of the portable beer packaging - stacking of several layers on top of each other possible
Shelf packs for bottles with integrated carrying handle

Advantages of the portable beer packaging for the consumer

  • Intuitive opening of the portable beer packaging made of corrugated cardboard without any aids due to a cascade-shaped perforation
  • Portable beer packaging has an integrated, practical carrying handle for safe transport from the point of sale
  • Portable beer packaging for eight beers as an optimal sales unit
  • Secondary use of the empty beer packaging for empties
  • Easy recycling of the portable corrugated cardboard beer packaging

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