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Innovative drinks packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard impresses with its variety and individuality.
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Drinks packaging and displays based on your requirements

Drinks packaging for retail outlets

Customised packaging: developed and produced by THIMM

THIMM’s packaging solutions are as unique as your drinks – always customised and well suited to meet specific requirements. Whether for the drinks store, supermarket or online shop – our innovative packaging not only guarantees first-class protection, it also supports your sustainable business orientation. We use modern printing and finishing technologies to design displays and packaging for drinks made from sustainable corrugated cardboard that impress in logistics, attract attention at the POS and turn unpacking into an experience!

THIMM packaging for drinks. Always the best solution.

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THIMM drinks packaging: Tailored to your product!

Gift packaging for drinks

Happiness in bottles: packed by THIMM

For the London Dry Gin “Glücksfall No. 1” from Duderstädter Gin Manufaktur, we developed an all-in-one packaging with the look of an apothecary cabinet. This is an all-in-one gift box, retail and shipping packaging and counter display. It is also eye-catching with its attractive print image resembling wood. The unpacking experience begins when the cabinet-like design is opened and continues with further wow effects when the gift recipient discovers the stylishly designed gin bottle with glass and measuring cup inside the packaging. The protective corrugated cardboard inlay with laser engraving completes the unboxing pleasure!

Packaging and display for drinks

Focus on optimum handling, naturalness and regionality

The Kuehn Kunz Rosen Brewery was looking for an expert in packaging and displays to successfully showcase its beer range in retail outlets and in e-commerce. In addition to sturdy shipping packaging and six-packs in the unmistakable Kuehn Kunz Rosen design, THIMM developed a floor-standing display made from corrugated cardboard for the creative brewery with space for 36 bottles on each of the three levels. While the colour scheme of the display is restrained, the topper with the Mainz skyline is a real eye-catcher!

Promotional packaging for drinks

Drinks and merchandising: exciting packaging from THIMM

Do you want exceptional promotional packaging that makes an impression? THIMM’s drinks packaging for bottles and merchandising ensures your products are well protected in the warehouse, during their transportation and at the POS and it also attracts your customers’ attention. Packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard is impressively diverse. It is not only suitable for promotional campaigns, but is also a sought-after packaging solution for seasonal campaigns and gift sets.

Drinks Advent calendar

24 miniature juices for a healthy surprise in Advent

As a healthy alternative to the classic chocolate Advent calendar, Rotbäckchen launched a calendar with small juice bottles. THIMM developed and produced stable product packaging made from offset laminated E-flute for the popular Advent surprise and also handled the packaging and assembly. 

Milk trays

Environmentally friendly packaging for sustainable products

Traditionsmolkerei Marburg promotes sustainability and environmental protection. So what could be a better match for dairy products than a milk tray created from ecological grass corrugated cardboard – made by THIMM. The one-piece, custom-fit tray is a very versatile packaging solution for drinks. It protects delicate food during transport, ensures effective presentation on the shelf and makes product handling easier. Perforations and cut-outs in the right places make it easier to remove goods. It is produced in a light grammage T-flute which has many logistics and printing benefits.

Gift box for drinks

Unusual gift boxes: matched to product design and target group

A matching colour concept in combination with high-gloss elements and embossed gold foil transform the Jules Mumm Special Edition gift box into top-class gift packaging. THIMM created packaging that combines high-quality design and special design features. Would you like a similar box for another drink? With digital printing processes, the sky’s the limit for creative freedom. Smart codes ensure more customisation.

SRP for drinks

Tray & Hood packaging for drinks

Shelf-ready packaging solutions such as Tray & Hood packaging from THIMM save time and valuable resources and present your products in an optimum way in the retail outlet. Shelf-ready packaging is easy to stack, safe to transport and easy to open. Goods can be placed on the shelf in just a few simple steps and can also be easily accessed by customers. Tray & Hood drinks packaging therefore meets the various requirements at the POS.

Innovative Multipacks for cans

THIMM’s Multipacks for cans is a packaging range with numerous benefits for transportation and storage, including the THIMM “Skater” to create more order in the fridge, the “Multipack can” for convenient handling and easy palletisation and the “Multipack pyramid” for a unique appearance at the POS. Another plus point: modern printing technologies are used to create your high-impact advertising messaging on the environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard.

Drinks box for cans
Drinks tray for cans
Box for drinks cans

The wide variety of displays and packaging for drinks – from THIMM

THIMM has the appropriate packaging solution for every requirement. Would you prefer the standard version or an unusual design? In addition to cardboard boxes and digitally printed standard displays, THIMM also offers exceptional floor-standing displays that perfectly showcase the special features of a brand, such as the display for VON HALLERS GIN. By using mini or countertop displays, you can increase awareness for your product in the checkout area. Digital preprints increase the customisation of THIMM display bases. Or how about a palette wrap with an oriental flair, as created for gin from Hardenberg-Wilthen AG? THIMM creates a world around your products using designs your customers would sometimes really like to take home with them.

Promotional displays for drinks

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    Promotional displays for drinks
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Jeannine Wegener

Jeannine Wegener
New Account Specialist
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