Bottle packaging made from corrugated cardboard

Effective sales promotion with environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard packaging for bottles
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Bottle packaging for spirits

Why is bottle packaging made from corrugated cardboard the right choice?

Bottle packaging made from corrugated cardboard is a robust and sustainable solution for safe transportation and attractive product presentation in retail outlets. Thanks to its light weight and sturdy construction, it provides maximum protection during transportation. With its customised design, it can also help to improve the brand image and promote sales at the point of sale. 

Bottle packaging for Becherovka

Bottle packaging for spirits

Spirits are packaged safely and sustainably

THIMM developers have developed bottle packaging for the traditional Czech herb liqueur Becherovka. The liqueur is made from purely natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, colours or emulsifiers. So that the natural nature of the product can also be reflected in the packaging, the bottle packaging is made from 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard.

The packaging consists of brown outer packaging with bottle padding and a striking, colourfully printed design element. The parts are connected to each other via a simple slot-in connection. No glueing is required to assemble the bottle packaging. The customer simply has to loosen the closures and pull out the inner protective cover to open the packaging.

Advantages of bottle packaging

  • High-quality digital printing

    Our digital printing technology showcases your products and brand to promote sales.

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Unpacking experience

    Positive unpacking moments improve the brand experience and customer loyalty.

  • 100% recyclable

    All corrugated cardboard packaging is fully recyclable – an ideal circular product.

  • Extremely rigid

    Corrugated cardboard packaging is lightweight yet sturdy.

Bottle packaging for spirits

Bottles and glasses packaged safely and attractively

In addition to the Becherovka bottle, glasses are also included in the packaging. These are fixed securely in corrugated cardboard foam to prevent damage or breakage. All products are clearly arranged in the packaging. The presentation of the glasses is further supported by delicate print motifs printed on the outside of the bottle packaging.

Flexibility of the packaging design

Bottle packaging for spirits

Digital printing of bottle packaging

The bottle packaging is digitally printed so no printing plates are required. This not only saves time and costs for preparation and production, but also makes it possible to quickly and easily create additional print motifs for seasonal goods or limited editions. This flexibility made it possible to produce several variants of the bottle packaging in different languages.

Bottle packaging for spirits

Innovative laser cutting for bottle packaging

The attractive design of the bottle packaging was created with digital laser cutting technology. The laser cuts the corrugated cardboard with extreme precision enabling a sophisctaed decorative design. The Becherovka logo and the company emblem for this bottle packaging were laser-cut. The cut-out motifs allow the inlaid white paper to shine through, giving the entire logo a spatial effect.

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