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Environmentally friendly transportation packaging made from corrugated cardboard

Transportation packaging made from corrugated cardboard offers a safe and sustainable solution for the transportation of goods. It is flexible as it can be adapted to different product sizes and shapes and therefore can transport your products in the appropriate way. Transportation packaging is robust in its structure which ensures reliable protection from impacts and damage. This means your goods arrive safely in the retail outlet. Transportation packaging made from corrugated cardboard also conserves resources and is 100% recyclable. Another benefit is that corrugated cardboard packaging is particularly light and easy to handle, which increases the efficiency of your packaging and logistics processes.

What exactly is transportation packaging?

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Transportation packaging has two essential tasks: Firstly it is used to facilitate the transportation of products between individual distributors and secondly it provides reliable protection. Packaging from THIMM protects your products from damage and therefore increases your efficiency while reducing costs.

Transportation packaging: Your benefits at a glance

  • Product protection

    Transportation packaging provides robust protection from damage during transportation by absorbing shocks, vibrations and other external impacts.

  • Safe handling

    Specific designs and assemblies ensure transportation packaging is easy and safe to handle when loading, stacking and unloading goods.

  • Optimising transportation

    Appropriate transportation packaging helps maximise use of available space in vehicles or containers and this can lead to more efficient transport processes and potential cost savings.

  • Traceability

    Transportation packaging can display information such as barcodes, labels or other markings to enable quick identification, traceability and handling of the transport.

  • Sustainability

    More and more transportation packaging is being developed with environmental aspects in mind. These include using recyclable materials, reducing the use of materials to minimise waste and decreasing environmental impacts.

  • Brand presentation

    Transportation packaging also presents the brand or your company. By integrating brand elements into the print image, the attention of potential customers is directed towards the company during transportation and this positively influences the brand image.

Transported appropriately: Where is transportation packaging used?

Transportation packaging is often used in the B2B sector as it reliably transports goods between individual trade levels. Its goal is to facilitate handling at the POS and protect products from damage and weather influences. However, some of our packaging solutions are also suitable for presentation in retail outlets.

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Transportation packaging and the German Packaging Act

Transportation packaging in accordance with the Packaging Act

In Germany the Packaging Act (VerpackG) regulates the prevention and recycling of packaging waste. It concerns various types of packaging, including transportation packaging. Manufacturers and distributors who market packaging must register with the LUCID Packaging Register in order to comply with their legal obligations. Registration in LUCID is a prerequisite for participation in the dual system.

What does the Act mean for online shops?

The Packaging Act imposes a reporting and registration obligation on online shops for all packaging containing goods that is sent to end-consumers. In accordance with this legal situation, online shops continuously report their volumes to the LUCID Packaging Register.

Sustainable transportation packaging for your requirements

Transport packaging using folding boxes as an example

Corrugated cardboard folding boxes for small products

This transportation packaging is available in brown and white corrugated cardboard. It can be printed with brand logos and information. When not in use, the packaging can be folded flat – saving space in the warehouse! Our small folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard ensure reliable shock absorption and protect your products. They are available in different flute strengths to meet the needs of a wide range of small products. Our FEFCO 0201 compatible packaging is easy to recycle via the wastepaper bin after use.

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Transportation packaging for manual packing

Transportation packaging for manual packing processes

Our transportation packaging with a lid-lock mechanism makes it easy to handle at the POS and comfortable to carry. Designed to meet individual needs, these packaging solutions are fully recyclable, making them an ideal circular product.

Transportation packaging for bottles

Transportation packaging for bottles

The start-up Kuehn Kunz Rosen uses our robust transportation packaging to protect beer bottles securely from external impacts. One specific design feature are the finger holes on the side. These are intended to make transportation from manufacturer to end-customer more user-friendly. The print images on the packaging have been customised and feature the unmistakable Kuehn Kunz Rosen brand design.

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Use large folding boxes as transportation packaging

Folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard for the transportation of large products

Our large folding boxes are designed according to FEFCO standard 0201 and are available in many variants. They conserve resources, are inexpensive, can be easily disposed of via the waste paper bin and impress with their high stability.

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