Sustainable folding boxes

The best place to purchase reasonably priced folding boxes is directly from the manufacturer as then you can secure the best possible price and avoid those annoying over-priced incorrect purchases. THIMM was founded back in 1949 and produces folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard at many locations both in Germany and abroad. 

Folding boxes, folding bottom boxes, folding crates

Folding boxes (also folding bottom boxes / folding crates) are the most practical way to package your goods. Folding boxes are covered byFEFCO-Code 02 and are available in different types. Folding boxes differ mainly through the sizes and the inner and outer flaps.

For example, a folding box based on FEFCO 0200 is a semi-folding box without the top and/or bottom flaps. A folding box based on FEFCO 0201 is fitted with colliding top and bottom flaps. Further classifications are folding crates with fully-overlapping outer flaps (FEFCO 0203), with colliding outer and inner flaps (FEFCO 0204), with an integrated tray (FEFCO 0208) and with shortened flaps (FEFCO 0209).

Folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard are extremely versatile because they can be used for packing small or large, light or heavy, fragile or robust products. However, care must be taken that the folding box is adapted by size, weight and use purpose. The difference between standard folding boxes and made-to-measure folding boxes are their dimensions. Standardised, reasonably-priced folding boxes generally consist of unprinted boxes made from brown or white corrugated cardboard. However, customised made-to-measure folding boxes are often printed and where required furnished with specific features (e.g. height score lines, self-adhesive seal, tear-off slip, or similar). When you buy folding boxes from the manufacturer you can be certain that these are always reliable for use with your products.

Folding box printed with digital printing

Printed folding boxes

THIMM, the packaging manufacturer, uses different printing processes for printing on folding boxes. Of course you can make your own choice between flexo-preprint, flexo-direct printing, offset printing and digital printing, but we will also be pleased to recommend the appropriate printing process for your folding boxes. You will then often benefit from cost and/or quality benefits as a result. Our packaging experts are always on-hand to advise you without any obligation. Please talk to us!


Folding box made from brown or white corrugated cardboard in standard sizes

Folding box made from brown or white corrugated cardboard

White and brown folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard are used frequently for the shipment and transportation of merchandise. These type of neutral, unprinted folding boxes are cheaper than folding boxes with customised-printing. Brown or white folding boxes in standard sizes are available from stock from many manufacturers. 

Folding boxes with height score lines

Sometimes folding boxes are supplied with height score lines. Here the folding box is pre-scored at these heights and can simply be folded at the necessary height. It is helpful here to use a cutter knife to cut into the corners of the folding box. This means you can use standard folding boxes for products of different dimensions without having to purchase many different sizes of boxes. As you are procuring a larger volume you also generally make savings in storage and purchasing costs.

Folding boxes with height score lines, self-adhesive strips and tear-off perforation

Folding boxes with self-adhesive seal & tear-off slip

Adhesive tape is often used to close folding boxes. Folding boxes with a self-adhesive seal are a reliable alternative if you do not want to use separate adhesive tape. The adhesive strips integrated on the box make it very easy to close the lid of the folding box. These ensure the lid flaps are glued firmly together.

For easy opening a folding box with a tear-off slip is recommended. The tear-off slip is integrated into the lid of the folding box. This can be easily torn off with a flap on the edge of the folding box. To do this no additional tools such as scissors or a cutter knife are required.

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