Drinks packaging for cans and bottles

Sustainable drinks packaging made from corrugated cardboard
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Getränkeverpackungen für Flaschen und Dosen

Transportation and sales packaging for drinks cans and bottles

Drinks packaging for cans and bottles made from corrugated cardboard

Drinks packaging is a brand ambassador, transporter and warehouse operator

Does this sound familiar? Large quantities of cans are cumbersome to carry and difficult to store. In addition, campaign-driven brand messaging is often not implemented at all in retail outlets or only by incurring high costs.

This is precisely why we have developed the “THIMM Multipack” drinks packaging. This innovative cardboard product range makes it easy and convenient to carry and store drinks cans and bottles. It also offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging and is a perfect advertising medium for your brand messaging. Therefore with our drinks packaging you are both transporting your cans and bottles safely and also ensuring a high-awareness of your advertising messaging.

Find out now about the benefits of THIMM Multipack and increase your sales figures!

Benefits of drinks packaging for cans and bottles

  • Customised design

    Our printing technologies open up countless design possibilities for you.

  • Sales promotion at the POS

    Use the packaging to create additional purchase incentives at the point of sale.

  • 100% recyclable

    All corrugated cardboard packaging is fully recyclable – an ideal circular product.

  • Extremely rigid

    Corrugated cardboard packaging is lightweight yet sturdy.

  • Sustainable packaging

    Corrugated cardboard consists entirely of renewable raw materials.

  • Award-winning

    This packaging won a competition because of its properties.

Drinks packaging for cans and bottles made from corrugated cardboard

“THIMM Skater” drinks packaging – creates order in fridges

This drinks packaging for cans ensures your drinks cans are always close at hand in the fridge. Your high-impact brand messaging is also visible to customers at events such as private parties. Its campaign-based printing makes this drinks packaging the ideal advertising medium.

Drinks packaging for two Pardál cans

“THIMM Multipack | can” – drinks packaging makes transportation easier for every size

This range of carry solutions for drinks packaging offers easy handling and excellent palletising options and ensures that carrying is both pleasant and secure for your customers. This drinks packaging can be supplied in different carry sizes between two and six products. “THIMM Multipack” drinks packaging is an excellent solution for optimised logistics and your promotional campaign!

The drinks packaging “THIMM Multipack | can” created as promotional packaging for two Pardál beer cans from the Budweiser Budvar brewery was awarded the Obal Roku 2013, Worldstar for Packaging, the Goldene Welle Innovation Award and Promotional Gift Award 2015.

Gift packaging for wine bottles

Drinks packaging for wine bottles

Find out about elegant drinks packaging for wine bottles – the perfect gift wrapping! Set the scene for your wine gifts in style with laser-cut, artistic cut-outs and attractive designs. Use this drinks packaging for bottles to raise your marketing campaigns to the next level and present your brand in style in retail outlets.

Gift packaging for six bottles

Drinks packaging for six bottles

Find out about our innovative drinks packaging for six wine bottles – an octagonal box that both saves space and is stackable. With its customised design, this drinks packaging supports your brand whilst also promoting sales. It is perfectly suited for use as both transportation and retail packaging. Focus on functionality and aesthetics to present your products in style and increase your revenues.

Drinks packaging for cans and bottles made from corrugated cardboard

“THIMM Multipack | pyramid”  – a distinctive design of drinks packaging

The six-can pyramid shape considerably emphasises your brand appearance on the retail shelf. The drinks packaging can be carried directly via the product itself or by a handle making it more flexible when it comes to palletising. Printed with your advertising messaging, this drinks packaging has a unique impact at the point-of-sale.

Drinks packaging with a carry handle

Bottle packaging with a carry handle 

Our bottle packaging with a carry handle is a practical solution for transporting and presenting your products in the retail sector. With a practical carry handle seamlessly integrated into the design, it ensures maximum stability and ease of use. The high-quality printing presents products in an attractive way and promotes the brand effectively. This packaging can hold up to eight beer bottles, making it the optimum sales unit for bottles. 

Use areas for drinks packaging for cans and bottles

  • Beer cans and bottles

    Whether for individual bottles or entire beer can packs, our packaging provides stable storage and an attractive presentation for your beer range.

  • Wine bottles

    From large wineries to small wine producers, we offer packaging that optimises both the transportation and presentation of wine bottles, which in turn promotes sales.

  • Soft drink cans and bottles

    Whether for individual cans or several bottles, our packaging ensures safe transportation and an attractive presentation for your soft drinks.

  • Spirits bottles

    For fine spirits we offer packaging that not only facilitates transportation, but also emphasises the high-quality image of your products.

  • Juice and smoothie bottles

    Our drinks packaging made from corrugated cardboard are ideally suited for storing and transporting juice and smoothie bottles to retail outlets.

  • Energy drink cans

    For the exciting energy drinks market, our drinks packaging is a robust solution for transporting individual cans or multipacks safely and displaying them in retail outlets in the best possible way.

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