Drinks packaging for bottles and merchandising

Rugged and versatile | Recyclable and sustainable | High brand presence by setting the scene for experiences.
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Drinks packaging for bottles and merchandising

Eye-catching drinks packaging from THIMM

Drinks packaging for beer and merchandising

Unusual promotional packaging for a lasting impression

Fragile goods such as drinks are well protected during their transportation thanks to their sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging. The robust packaging talents can do so much more! The unusual designs transform packaging into an eye-catcher at the POS both for promotional campaigns and at home with your customers!

What sets THIMM packaging for drinks apart

  • Ecological and sustainable

    Drinks packaging made from corrugated cardboard is an environmentally friendly alternative to packaging made from plastic or polystyrene.

  • Easy to recycle

    Sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging for drinks and merchandising is returned to the recycling cycle and can be easily recycled.

  • High versatility

    The environmentally friendly packaging for drinks is ideal for promotional campaigns, for marketing product ranges, for seasonal campaigns or as a gift.

  • Large scope for design

    Our designs for drinks packaging can be customised and personalised. An eye-catcher for promotional campaigns that guarantees attention!

  • Exceptional designs

    Corrugated cardboard can take many shapes. THIMM offers packaging for spirits that matches the contents exactly, for example in the typical round shape.

  • Maximum protection

    We don't leave the choice of material to chance. THIMM selects the corrugated cardboard quality that best protects your product – during its transportation, at the POS and with your customers.

Drinks packaging from THIMM: Complete packages that inspire!

Drinks packaging for bottles and food products

A corrugated cardboard keg: original packaging and a decorative item

Innovative corrugated cardboard designs with digital printing produce packaging that makes an impression. What about exceptional packaging for drinks and food products? Our 5-layer corrugated cardboard has been specially crafted to give it the typical shape of a keg. Your product is well protected and decoratively packaged in it!

Drinks packaging for bottles and merchandising

Innovative gift and promotional boxes for beer bottles and other spirits

Some of our corrugated cardboard packaging has won international packaging competitions! The award-winning THIMM Multipack for the Ferdinand Brewery was designed as an innovative multipack. In addition to six beer bottles, it also has space for a beer mug and other merchandising. Matching beer mats are integrated into the cardboard box. The beer mug handle is used as the carry handle.

Drinks packaging for liqueurs and merchandising

Special gift packaging for the iconic Karlsbad herb liqueur

What could go better with a herbal liqueur made from 100% natural content than corrugated cardboard packaging? For the traditional Karlsbad liqueur Becherovka, we developed gift packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard with an interesting design solution. The integrated corrugated cardboard flaps ensure the bottle box is easy to open and close without any glue being required! The logo and emblems were die-cut using digital laser die-cutting, a process that cuts corrugated cardboard with extreme precision and creates super-fine adornments.

Drinks packaging for wine and food products

Cheese and wine tasting package: a unique design with a surprise impact

To support the sale of its dairy products, the traditional Czech dairy, Moravia Lacto, has invested in a very specific combination packaging for cheese and wine. Its highlight is its unique design with a wow effect. First, the customer is encouraged to “tear” the cardboard box to then be immediately surprised by the internal printing on the THIMM cardboard box. The wine packaging consists of a piece of corrugated cardboard, is fixed by corrugated cardboard flaps and can therefore be closed without gluing.

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