Pallet sleeve for beverage displays

Pallet coat for oriental gin from Hardenberg-Wilthen AG
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Pallet sleeve for beverage displays

Exotic plants and spices paired with high-quality essences make Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin a tasteful experience. The aroma of Asia and the ancient spice route of distant lands is evident in this high-quality gin. To effectively showcase this pleasure, a suitable secondary placement and an appealing design are required.

This pallet wrapping was developed to extend the product range of an existing quarter-pallet display. The aim was to place only a few parts with a minimum of effort and with the greatest possible efficiency. The pallet wrapping is reminiscent of a tuk tuk, a so-called autorickshaw, known from Africa and Asia. The three-wheeled vehicle was designed in an oriental pattern in reference to the gin with the recognition of the Opihr logo on the gin bottle. The body consists of a one-piece ring, which is glued and used as a direct pallet wrapping. In addition, the contour-punched blank in the shape of the driver's cab is inserted into the pallet wrapping. The gin bottles can be placed either above or in the middle section. The goods can be removed from the pallet wrapping from two sides in the middle section and a 360° removal from above.

The pallet wrapping was awarded the bronze Indian in the "Beverages" category at the POPAI D-A-CH 2019.

  • Customised construction

    Our developers have designed the packaging to meet individual requirements.

  • Award-winning display

    This display won a competition because of its properties.

  • Sales promotion displays

    Create additional purchase incentives at the point of sale with secondary placements.

Constructive features of the pallet shell

  • Little material used due to two corrugated cardboard elements
  • Additional display element for optimum product presentation
  • Design options based on the product design

Customer benefits through the pallet sleeve

  • Complementary experience to secondary placements
  • Recognition by picking up on existing design elements on the product
  • Easy assembly and simple handling

Efficient display "Opihr-Gin Tuk-Tuk" wins bronze POPAI Award

The jury of the international POPAI D-A-CH Awards chose the creative display "Tuk-Tuk" for Hardenberg-Wilthen AG in the category "Beverages" with a bronze Indian. The award-winning pallet display puts the spirits brand "Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin" in a particularly attractive light at the POS.

The core task with regard to the conception and production of the pallet display for the Lower Saxony-based spirits manufacturer Hardenberg-Wilthen AG was to generate maximum customer attention and curiosity at the POS. Thimm therefore attached great importance to a design that was as close to the product as possible. Since "Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin" stands for the special oriental spice intensity from countries along the historic Spice Route, a typical Indian tuk-tuk was the inspiration for the implementation idea. With its exotic charm, the three-wheeled autorickshaw has great recognition value and conveys the intended oriental association of the gin brand.

In the practical implementation, a conventional display with little use of materials was transformed into an eye-catching, Indian-style tuk-tuk display. A colourful pallet cover was created, into the front of which a contour-punched blank was hung. The resulting unclosed ring can easily be placed around the existing 1/4 Chep display.

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