Cardboard boxes for snacks

Crisps in stackable trays
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Cardboard boxes for snacks: Crisps in stackable trays
Crisps in stackable trays

Cardboard boxes for crisps and snacks

The multi-stackable cardboard boxes give consumers an excellent view of the different crisp flavours. They also protect the crisp bags safely during transportation.

Cardboard boxes ensure the safe transportation to the retail outlet: The integrated stacking lugs increase the stability of cardboard boxes. This means that cardboard crisp boxes can be multi-stacked. The lid is easy to remove which means the cardboard boxes for snacks can be used directly at the POS. Additional grab holes on the sides of the cardboard boxes make them easier to carry.

The openings on the front and back of the cardboard boxes ensure customers have a perfect view of all the crisp flavours at all times. They also make it easier to remove the snacks from the cardboard boxes.

Benefits of cardboard snack boxes

Cardboard boxes for snacks: Crisps in stackable trays

Design features of the cardboard boxes for snacks

The design of the cardboard boxes delivers many benefits:

  • Safe stacking in transport and retail: We have improved the stability of cardboard boxes with built-in stacking lugs. This enables several cardboard boxes for snacks to be stacked on top of each other, saving you expensive transport and shelf space.
  • Increased visibility of your products: The openings make it very easy to see the different crisp flavours even when they are stacked. As these are located on the front and back, the cardboard boxes can be positioned anywhere in the retail outlet.
  • Easy handling saves time and your costs: The cardboard boxes are easier to carry thanks to access holes on the sides. The lid can be easily removed from the cardboard boxes so they can be used directly at the POS.
  • Easy removal from the cardboard boxes: Openings on the front and back make it easy for consumers to remove the bags of crisps. This is important for a successful sale!
Cardboard boxes for Chio crisps

Digitally-printed cardboard boxes offers many opportunities for the branded goods industry

Chio Chips launched a limited edition to mark the anniversary of the Western heroes Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The limited edition crisp bags in the promotion were packed in stackable cardboard boxes made from corrugated cardboard. THIMM produced the cardboard boxes for snacks using digital web press printing. This printing process is best suited economically for limited print runs. The outstanding print quality of digital printing also presented the brand and the product in a photorealistic and eye-catching manner in retail outlets.

  • Cost benefits for limited print runs: The digital printing process saves you pre-print costs compared to other technologies. This makes digital printing the ideal process for producing cardboard boxes in limited editions.
  • Shorter delivery times: Digital printing is a contactless printing process. This means that as a rule digitally-printed cardboard boxes for snacks can be delivered more quickly because no additional printing plates are required.
  • Flexibility with changing designs: If necessary, the print image can still be changed just before production because everything is digital.
  • Excellent print images for the cardboard boxes: Web press printing does not create the so-called washboard effect even with low paper grammages. Our digital printer can produce a resolution of 1,200 dpi which means the cardboard boxes are always created with razor-sharp quality.

Sustainable recycling and efficient production of cardboard boxes for snacks

The cardboard boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and are a valuable circular product. They are disposed of with wastepaper. This means the cardboard boxes remain in the ecologically valuable raw materials cycle.

The slim cut of the cardboard boxes saves material compared to trays with high long and front sides. These cardboard boxes can also be produced with a very efficient use of materials. This also means that the various motifs are not wasted.

Cardboard boxes with a stacking edge for high load requirements

Cardboard boxes with a stacking edge: Crisps in stackable trays

Ideal for multiple stacking on the shelf 

“THIMM Stack-Pack” is a shelf-ready cardboard box designed with stacking edges to withstand high loads. The cardboard boxes for snacks are ideal for multiple stacking on the shelf and also for secondary placements in displays. The open front offers good product visibility. This makes it easy to remove the crisps.

The cardboard boxes can be printed on the outside and inside. The additional internal printing on the side walls also increases advertising effectiveness at the POS.

Closed corners reduce the visibility of the flute profile on the retail shelf bestowing a high-quality impact.

This cardboard box for snacks provides high stability throughout the entire logistics chain. Alternative cardboard box designs are possible depending on requirements and area of use, e.g. load-bearing capacity, product capacity and shape, resealability, transport systems in the logistics chain plus manual or automatic filling.

Cardboard boxes with enhanced stability

Cardboard boxes for snacks: Crisps in crates

Stackable cardboard boxes with enhanced material efficiency and stability

“THIMM powerStack” crates are stackable and environmentally friendly. The targeted use of flute combinations and materials has made the cardboard boxes more stable and material-efficient. The crate body is made using E-flute and the internal parts using BC-flute. The cardboard box has glued reinforcements on the side walls. Despite the reduced paper grammages, thanks to the selected material combination of single-flute and double-flute, an increase in stability and a reduction of material use of about 20% is achieved in comparison to alternative crates. The flat-pack delivery ensures improved pallet utilisation of up to 50%. The cardboard box is suitable for combination with standard plastic crates.

Added value in product presentation and product range handling

Cardboard boxes for snacks: Crips in shelf-ready packaging

“THIMM Alpha Tray” a shelf-ready tray

Several crisp varieties can be presented clearly and effectively in the shelf-ready cardboard boxes. The special feature of this design is the optimum product visibility from all sides. This puts both the brand and the products themselves in focus.

The design has enabled the outer and inner sides to be printed on only one side. This saves costs and provides a large advertising space for attractive packaging design. Maximise the full communications potential of these cardboard boxes!

Reduced grammages and use-specific types of corrugated cardboard save resources while also boosting the stability of the cardboard box. We rely on selected raw materials from certified sources (FSC®/PEFC). Cost-effective production and easy recycling also underscore the sustainability of these cardboard boxes for snacks.

Further use areas for these cardboard boxes

All goods in non-load bearing pouches can be packed in cardboard boxes with stacking lugs. These could include snack items, baked goods, muesli, confectionery, pet food, and much more.

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