Packaging with inside printing

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Packaging with inside printing

What is packaging with inside printing?

Packaging made from corrugated cardboard and with inside printing is an innovative solution that not only packages products in the best possible way, it also improves the brand experience and communicates marketing messages. Unlike traditional packaging that focuses on the outside design, packaging with inside printing can present products attractively in a sales-promoting internal space.

Unboxing experiences through packaging with inside printing

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Unpacking a package can become an emotional experience that increases the anticipation of the actual product. When such unboxing experiences are reinforced by positive feelings created by packaging with inside printing, this is lodged in memory and can lead to long-term customer loyalty.

Imagine you receive a package in a natural brown box with black lettering on the outside, but as soon as you open it, a colourful design is revealed inside that puts the company’s logo in the spotlight, as is the case with the packaging for the start-up buah.

Packaging with inside printing for buah

The growing popularity of unboxing experiences on social media channels and review platforms is also a strong trend. These interactions not only create additional advertising for the relevant brands, but also generate active recommendations from consumers. This commitment contributes to increased brand awareness and it can significantly increase trust and credibility in a brand.

Inside printing promotes brand loyalty

Packaging with inside printing can reinforce brand image because it shows that the company pays particular attention to details and to the presentation of its products. This thoughtful design shows that a company cares about the entire customer experience, not just the product itself. This makes customers feel valued, also helping them develop a stronger bond with the brand.

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Benefits of packaging with inside printing

  • Unboxing experiences for consumers

    A well thought-out design inside the packaging increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Products & brand in focus

    Inside printing can be used to visually highlight certain product details or the brand.

  • Increase in customer loyalty

    A positive unboxing experience promotes customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of returning customers.

  • Strong brand image

    Customised inside printing differentiates companies from competitors and reinforces brand identity.

  • Additional advertising space

    Inside printing offers another opportunity to communicate brand messages and announce marketing campaigns.

  • Boosting social media presence

    Packaging with inside printing is often shared on social media platforms which can then increase brand awareness.

buah relies on creative packaging with inside printing

An environmentally friendly product box for the sale of fruit in gift sets was developed for the start-up buah. This contains freeze-dried kiwis and sour cherries in reusable glass jars. A pair of wooden tongs is also included to remove the fruit.

The two-part corrugated cardboard packaging consists of a folding lid box as an outer box and an inlay. Both components are made of EE-flute and have been designed to fit precisely. The inlay serves both as transport protection and for product presentation, so no additional packaging material is required.

The brown exterior of the boxes is printed in one colour using efficient direct printing. The full-surface colourful interior is the highlight of the packaging and has been produced using the digital printing process. This inside printing not only improves the perception of the products, but also presents the brand buah. This gives customers a positive experience when they open the packaging and also makes it an effective marketing tool for presenting the buah products and brand.

Printing technologies for packaging with inside printing

At THIMM we use all the modern printing processes to produce our packaging. While flexo and offset printing are proven printing methods for packaging with inside printing, digital printing also offers other benefits:

  • Cost benefits: The fact that printing plates are no longer required and ink coverage is lower, printing costs are reduced significantly.
  • Design to Print: Digital printing can create large product images inside packaging which raises awareness and improves product presentation.
  • Time-to-Market: Digital printing speeds up market entry through shorter lead times in the production process.
  • Print on Demand: Variable print images simplify production planning.
  • Internet of Packs: Digitalise supply chains and deliver interactive experiences to consumers.

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