Katzenkarton aus Graswellpappe von THIMM
  • Company:

    My Amazing Cat

  • Sector:

    Pet supplies

  • Type of packaging:

    Special design

  • Product:

    Toy box for cats

Sustainable cat play boxes from grass corrugated cardboard for My Amazing Cat

The goal of the collaboration between My Amazing Cat and THIMM was to develop a creative cat play box that was also highly sustainable. During development, a strong focus was put on sustainability and this was accounted for in the construction, material and printing of the cat play box. The result is an innovative cat play box made of grass corrugated cardboard that is decorated using high-quality digital printing and which, thanks to its special construction features, offers additional ecological benefits.

The cat play box from My Amazing Cat is a toy for cats, offering not just maximum play fun, but also practice for their movement, agility and dexterity. Interior trays divide the cat play box into three chambers of different difficulty levels. These are also colour-coded for better orientation. Beyond this, cut-outs have been made into selected sides of the cat play box, encouraging the cat to fish out a reward while practicing their skills.

My Amazing Cat chose THIMM as its partner for the development of an environmentally friendly and attention-getting cat play box, with a grass corrugated cardboard design that emphasises the company's dedication to sustainability. Dirk Wahlscheidt, brand owner and managing director of My Amazing Cat, says of the collaboration with THIMM:

"THE WORLD AND US... has become our personal motto, one that guides us not just as publishers of the unique environment-, nature- and species-protection journal ""Mondberge-Magazin"", but also in our development of the My Amazing Cat play box. Grass instead of plastic! Sustainable products for the domestic cat universe. “We have developed a grass box for the domestic cat world which stimulates the natural instincts of our cats in an interactive dexterity game, encourages their playfulness and banishes boredom – this is how the funniest, most innovative and most environmental cat toy in Germany was created!"

Sustainability an element in construction, material and printing of cat play box

The cat play box wasn't designed with just the entertainment of the animal in mind. Handling by the owner was also a key factor. The consumer-friendly solution is quick and easy to set up, ensuring the cat can get started with playtime immediately.

The environment was also taken into account. The cat play box was consciously designed to ship flat. This saves costs, but also reduces transport- and warehouse volumes. Grass is a fast-growing renewable resource that can be sourced throughout the year. The modern digital printing technology and water-based colours used for the cat play box also reflect a tremendous priority on environmentally friendly solutions. By openly communicating sustainability concerns on its cat play box, My Amazing Cat is also promoting greater awareness of environmental issues among consumers.

Customer benefits of the digitally printed cat play box made of grass corrugated cardboard

  • Quick and easy assembly of the cat play box
  • Cat play box features multiple difficulty levels to promote cat agility and dexterity
  • Bonus overlay pad from the cat play box features seeds for cat grass
  • The distinctive look of the grass corrugated board used in the cat play box reinforces the sustainability branding of My Amazing Cat
  • Cat play box features high-quality digital printing that is fully compatible with customisation
  • Cat play box produced from grass corrugated cardboard and is recyclable
  • Sustainable cat play box made from grass corrugated board is shipped flat, saving on transport - and warehouse volumes

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