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Sales displays for cleaning products from Vileda

Nothing is more beautiful than a clean home. In 2021, cleaning and hygiene has taken on a new significance in our lives. With Vileda’s diverse product range you can wash your laundry and clean your home to create an oasis of well-being. Vileda uses a sustainable standard display concept at the POS to sell its products.

A standardised and efficient display concept for the POS: Sales displays for cleaning products

Sales displays at the POS as secondary placements increase product sales. Vileda’s products are available across Germany as shelf-items in many retail chains which have also installed the displays. Vileda will now be installing our sales displays for cleaning products. The display concept is based on standardised basic modules, consisting of only a few components. The modular design of the displays is based on the trays made from corrugated cardboard, which are deployed according to the specific design of the display. The displays can be assembled in many different variants to ensure the best possible presentation of all Vileda products such as floor mops, mops, brooms & sweeping sets, cloths, pan cleaners & gloves. 
The sales displays for cleaning products consist of a one-piece display wrap fastened to the trays or the rear wall using a simple plug-in system, depending on requirements. The top panel is already integrated into the wrap which means it does not need to be attached manually. Connectors and partitions ensure a load-bearing capacity of up to 20 kg per display layer. Flexible inserts and brackets can be modified to suit your retail needs. The 1/4 Chep pallet displays made of E-flute or BE-flute are produced using digital printing. Digital printing means you can adapt the display wrap easily, quickly and flexibly in the print image for targeted POS campaigns. No printing plates are required for digital printing, saving costs and time.
Before the introduction of this new display concept, extensive market tests were carried out in order to determine meaningful comparative sales figures. The new display concept makes handling and assembly much easier. The set-up is completed in just a few simple steps. The standardised design ensures the sales displays for cleaning products can be easily refilled and look tidy at all times. As the displays are made 100% from corrugated cardboard after their service life they can be easily disposed of with waste paper and returned to the recycling cycle.

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About Vileda

The Vileda brand has been available in the market for over 70 years and is one of the brands owned by Freudenberg Group, a global technology group. The world’s leading company for “Home and Cleaning Solutions” offers many innovative products – from the famous Vileda window cloths to items for cleaning work surfaces, bathrooms, floors and laundry. Due to the coronavirus pandemic “being at home” has once again become more important. With its slogan “it feels great to feel at home”, Vileda wants to support everyone through its wide product range to create a clean and hygienic home where everyone feels comfortable. It is also important to Vileda that not only individual homes are clean, but also the environment, and therefore it recently launched the “Love it Clean” campaign. 

Regarding the result of the sales displays for cleaning products, Alexander Kärgelein, Senior Manager Customer Interaction Center & Commercial Development says:

“With our new “InnoFlex displays”, we have taken another step into the future. The emotional shopper approach through more and larger communication areas, combined with tidily arranged product presentations, ensure faster sales, whilst ensuring a tidy impression for longer. Collaborating with Thimm, we have succeeded in dramatically reducing our previous number of display components, whilst increasing our flexibility and significantly reducing our footprint as a result.”

From consulting to production, THIMM accompanied and supported the creation process of the sales displays for cleaning products:

“We have worked together to create a new display concept. Our standard display system means we can now assemble the modular displays with only a few components. The products are now displayed tidily in the sales display at all times and it always has a clear look. This increases product sales. The digital printing means that adjustments to the print image can be made quickly and easily at any time. The display is also made from recyclable corrugated cardboard, making it sustainable and environmentally-friendly. This is also reflected in Vileda’s “Love it Clean” sustainability concept.”

Special features of the sales display for cleaning products

  • Sales increase through secondary placement: To reinforce shelf placements, products are also presented in displays to increase brand presentation and product sales.
  • A durable and standardised display concept: The sales displays for cleaning products are modular and can be assembled from just a few components. Future provisions have also been integrated to enable any newly developed modules to be placed in the displays leading to limitless possibilities. The design is based on trays made from corrugated cardboard which are deployed according to the specific fitting of the display. The display wrap with its huge integrated communication surface is attached to the trays or the rear wall by a simple plug-in system. It also includes the top panel. Each layer can support 20 kg through connectors and partitions. 
  • Optimum product presentation of all products: The displays present the wide variety of the Vileda product range. Many different display variants can be built with just a few components that can be flexibly combined. Vileda’s products are therefore presented at the POS in the best possible way. This display concept can be used without limits for all sorts of campaigns. 
  • Differentiated campaigns at the POS thanks to digital printing: The print image of the display wrap can be adjusted for targeted short-term campaigns. No printing plates are required for digital printing, saving costs and time. Flexibility and speed enable customisation and high-colour quality.
  • Easy handling in assembly and at the POS: The handling of the sales displays for cleaning products has been simplified so they can be assembled in just a few simple steps. The displays are already filled when delivered to retailers. Retailers just have to pull off the hood and fold out the topper. 
  • Easy disposal with waste paper: All components of the display concept are made entirely from corrugated cardboard, which is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. After its long service life the display can easily be disposed of in waste paper and then recycled.

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