We offer tailored packaging solutions and custom solutions for the packaging-related elements in your value chain. We are always happy to provide a full range of consultation and services throughout Europe. Our start-to-finish solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs: from the first concept to the finished product, from functional transport packaging and attention-getting sales packaging that works with retailers' requirements to needs-based distribution concepts.

Benefit from our experience.

Our consulting and development expertise, combined with a tremendous innovative spirit, lets us produce efficient and sustainable solutions for you. From transport packaging that protects its contents to retailer-friendly POS packaging and high-quality printed sales packaging: benefit from tailored solutions that optimize your packing processes and strengthen your brand profile.

Whether you're a SME or a global corporation, we offer the targeted how-how and dedication to help you whenever and wherever you need us. Our employees are based at eight locations in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania, standing ready with a constantly updated pool of cutting-edge IT and production processes.

Packaging solutions that add value

Our packaging solutions reflect the entire spectrum of designs in the FEFCO catalogue: from folding boxes to embossed packaging and creative custom solutions for manual or fully automated packaging processes — we develop for you and your needs alone.

Our institutional expertise runs deep, so we can cast a professional eye on the various requirements of your packaging-related performance chain, looking for the chance to differentiate your product while also packaging it more efficiently. The result: retailer-friendly shelf packaging, attractive sales and display packaging and "Made by THIMM" transport packaging that is optimized for both production and logistics.

THIMM Quality Management

The THIMM quality management system sets benchmarks: Our production, environmental and hygiene management systems all follow international standards and guarantee outstanding quality and certified safety. We ensure constant top-level product and process quality at all THIMM locations through an integrated, systematic QA system and cutting-edge production and maintenance procedures such as lean management and total productive maintenance.

"Packaging is at its heart one of the elements that keeps the performance chain moving; without it, the effective and efficient distribution of goods would be virtually impossible. It ensures smooth product logistics and appropriate product protection as well as being an information carrier and brand ambassador. Packaging influences preferences and consumer purchasing behaviour, yet these value contributions of packaging in the entire process are frequently underestimated."

Mathias Schliep

Europe-wide logistics management

We operate across Europe to serve you! Our sales advisers support our customers in 18 countries. Thanks to a network of international sales partners, we offer our production and delivery solutions across the whole of Europe. Our central production planning and needs-based logistics services, including for example our Supplier Management Inventory (SMI) with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), ensure that our customers have a secure supply source and flexibility in their delivery options. 

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