Why you should purchase your standardised packaging and customised corrugated cardboard solutions from THIMM: THIMM was founded as a packaging manufacturer back in 1949. Today over 2,500 THIMM employees are working on the best packaging solution for you. Take advantage of our extraordinary level of experience in all aspects of packaging.

Types of packaging

Folding cardboard boxes

Folding corrugated cardboard box in accordance with FEFCO 02 are the most practical way to package your goods. Folding boxes are equally suitable for packing both big & small, fragile & robust, heavy & light products. We can offer you folding boxes in standard sizes in small quantities or made-to-measure packaging. Order the exact type of packaging you want - printed or unprinted or in brown or white corrugated cardboard. Through THIMM you can obtain folded boxes direct from the packaging manufacturer and therefore at a very reasonable price.

Shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-ready packaging transports your products safely, it can be quickly restocked in the retail outlet and it ensures a perfect merchandise presentation at the point-of-sale. The requirements of shelf-ready packaging (SRP) are normally defined as follows: easy to identify, easy to open, easy to place, easy to sell and easy to dispose of. Therefore shelf-ready packaging meets the needs of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and end-customers.

Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts

Corrugated cardboard pre-cuts are the ultimate aid for the packaging and transportation of products. The inconspicuous pre-cuts can be used for many different purposes. For example, corrugated cardboard pre-cuts can be used as pallet covers, as intermediate layers for securing pallets, as visual protection for returnable packaging and as padding for packaging and much more. Through THIMM you can obtain made-to-measure corrugated cardboard pre-cuts directly from the manufacturer at a reasonable price.

Large-format packaging

Large-format packaging can be used as shipping and sales packaging in formats up to 1200 x 1000 x 800 mm. It can transport your products safely to the market and they can also be sold in this packaging. Information for consumers can be communicated via the printed image on a large-format sales packaging unit This supports your brand and product presentation. We will select will the best solution for your requirements from our range of printing processes. Large-format packaging can also be sent directly to your end users as pure shipping packaging. Buy your large-format corrugated cardboard packaging customised to your product directly from the manufacturer. 

Die-cut packaging

Corrugated cardboard die-cut packaging falls within the FEFCO numbering system 02, 04 and 07. It is manufactured using a so-called die-cutter from one corrugated cardboard pre-cut. Cutting dies and score lines are attached to the tools to do this. Through THIMM you can obtain flat die-cut and rotary die-cut corrugated cardboard boxes direct from the packaging manufacturer. With rotary die-cut packaging you can also benefit from high productivity and low set-up times even with large packaging formats. Flat die-cut packaging is particularly well suited for complex packaging designs such as small cut-outs, and for challenging perforations such as on shelf-ready packaging.


Telescope-type boxes made from corrugated cardboard in accordance with Fefco 03 are also known as slip lid boxes, fold-over cartons or fold-over boxes. Telescope-type packaging consists as a minimum of a top piece (lid) and a bottom-piece (base). These are referred to as multi-piece telescope-type boxes when they consist of a top piece and a bottom piece which are both slid over a body. Telescope-type boxes can be further differentiated as glued or unglued packaging.

Shipping packaging

Shipping packaging (or shipping boxes) made from corrugated cardboard enable or support the shipment of goods to the end-user. As a packaging manufacturer we can produce reliable standard packaging for you such as DHL-boxes, Maxi-letter packaging or folding boxes at a reasonable price. THIMM can also produce customised shipping packaging, for example, with an unusual print image or with a secure lock directly from its packaging production department.

Sales Packaging

Sales packaging is defined as packaging which is offered to the end-user as a unit consisting of the goods and the packaging. As sales packaging typically ends up with private end-users, it has been subject since early 2019 to the System Participation Obligation in accordance with the German Packaging Act. This ensures the environmentally-friendly recycling of sales packaging. Sales packaging made from corrugated cardboard is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to packaging made from plastics, glass or metal as it is made 100% from renewable raw materials and is therefore almost fully recyclable. Sales packaging generally incorporates printed designs. These support the brand and merchandise presentation in retail outlets and promote sales at the point of sale. Purchase your corrugated cardboard sales packaging direct from the manufacturer and secure the best price.

FEFCO packaging

FEFCO is the international code for describing packaging made from solid and corrugated cardboard. As the FEFCO code is used worldwide, packaging can be classified independent of language There are nine different FEFCO categories. Each FEFCO code consists of four numbers. The first two numbers determine the basic type of packaging.



Trays made from corrugated cardboard are classed as die-cut packaging. Tray packaging is ideally suited for transportation and merchandise displays in retail outlets. Trays are designed to be suitable for manual, semi-automated and automated packaging lines. Trays are often also known as cartons.

Removal boxes

Purchase your removal boxes for more storage space, protection and ergonomics direct from the manufacturer and secure the best price and exceptional quality. You can obtain removal boxes from THIMM Group which are considerably more comfortable to carry, have been designed for additional stability and contain numerous small features to make the nerve-racking issue of “removal” just that bit easier. Avoid those annoying incorrect purchases of standard removal boxes and obtain the information you need from the packaging experts.

Gift packaging

Purchase gift packaging for branded items directly from the packaging manufacturer – through THIMM you can obtain custom-designed and printed gift packaging for your sales campaigns. Our packaging developers can develop gift packaging made from corrugated cardboard for every sort of product (e.g. drinks bottles, confectionery, cosmetics, personal care products, and many more). Free gifts of promotional items or complementary products (e.g. beer bottles with beer mug) can be incorporated into the gift packaging. Increase your sales success in retail outlets with innovative gift packaging!

Food packaging made from corrugated cardboard

THIMM offers various solutions made from corrugated cardboard that protects foodstuffs from external influences while in direct or indirect food contact. For example, innovative foodWave® corrugated cardboard is ideal for direct contact with greasy and moist products, and can also be easily recycled.

To produce this corrugated cardboard, we process high-quality fresh fibre papers under strict hygienic conditions in accordance with the BRC standard. Furthermore, we use only certified printing inks that have proven especially well suited for food contact. As a result, foodWave® is another fine example of THIMM’s pioneering spirit!

Locking packaging

Integrated security locks protect cardboard boxes from unauthorised opening. With THIMM secureLock, THIMM parcelProof and THIMM Click&Safe, along with the self-adhesive locks, you can secure particularly high-value and sensitive goods against manipulation or counterfeiting. Your customer of course wants to have the security when purchasing an item that he or she will receive the original item ordered and in an unused condition.
The medical products sector already has strict conditions on packaging regarding product protection in order to avoid imitations and to exclude health risks.

Packaging made from corrugated cardboard is sustainable

Packaging can be used as a non-returnable or reusable solution. Through THIMM you can obtain sustainable and environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard packaging. One huge benefit in comparison to other packaging materials is  that boxes made from corrugated cardboard consist of renewable raw materials. We use raw paper and glue in the manufacture of our corrugated cardboard. This benefits the environment and also ensures a high level of goodwill. Packaging made from corrugated cardboard can be fully recycled after use! Therefore many companies deliberately use corrugated cardboard packaging as this can frequently be recycled without any effort by the end-user. Sustainability is and will remain a trend and is an important factor incorporate strategies and in customers’ purchasing decisions. Furthermore, used paper-based packaging has a value and is purchased on the free market.

Multi-material packaging from THIMM can often be used as a reusable solution. However, the processing of corrugated cardboard is still the main focus here; it is also combined with various other materials.

When purchasing packaging: THIMM is your packaging manufacturer

Our family business was founded by Walter Felix Thimm back in 1949. Today THIMM employs over 3,000 people dedicated to you and your packaging! People are the soul of our company. They have an incomparable enthusiasm for what's new and are part of a large creative family. Are you looking for the best packaging solution to package and present your products? Our customer consultants will be pleased to present these to you and they are already looking forward to your enquiry.

From protective transportation packaging to shelf-ready packaging through promotional and merchandise-bearing displays to high-quality printed sales packaging – our packaging developers and packaging designers will develop and design the best solution for you. And one other thing, our packaging technology specialists are producing your corrugated cardboard packaging at many locations, which means that we are certainly represented in your area.

Quality management for your packaging

The THIMM quality management system sets benchmarks for your packaging: Our production, environmental and hygiene management systems comply with international standards and guarantee outstanding quality and the certified safety of your packaging. We ensure constant top-level product and process quality at all THIMM Group packaging locations through an integrated, systematic quality management system and through cutting-edge production and maintenance procedures such as lean management and total productive maintenance. In our test laboratories we can test your packaging according to international standards and norms. We ensure through these material and packaging tests that all requirements are complied with. For example, we verify the bursting strength of paper in order to determine the resistance which a paper can withstand under a consistently increasing pressure until bursting. This test can be performed both with paper, the raw material used for manufacturing corrugated cardboard and also with cardboard. Find out here about packaging tests such as the drop test and the edge crush resistance.

Through our central production planning and needs-based logistics services, including for example our Supplier Management Inventory (SMI) with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we also ensure a secure supply source along with flexibility in the delivery of your packaging.

Packaging printing: Advertising for free!

Packaging printing as a success factor: Packaging is always one of the main tools of marketing departments. With packaging printing you can use six valuable advertising surfaces for your marketing objectives, often in huge print runs: namely the six surfaces of your packaging! In THIMM Group we can offer you state-of-the-art technologies for your packaging printing:

packaging printing
Award-winning packaging printing

THIMM Group has also been confirmed as an expert in packaging printing by the German Flexographic Printing Association e.V.: in the DFTA-Awards 2019 a print image for packaging was a winner in the “Preprinted Corrugated Board” category. A further print image for displays was also highlighted as a winner in the “Digital Package Printing” category. Both awards are evidence of the quality commitment of THIMM Group when it comes to packaging printing.
Just customise your own packaging printing! As a packaging manufacturer THIMM will of course also provide you with all the usual print processes. We will be pleased to show you the differences and we will find the best print solution for your packaging. Please talk to us and ask for a printing consultation.

Please talk to us - we have the best packaging also for your requirements!

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