Climate-neutral packaging and displays through CO2e offsetting

25.05.2022 The CO2e balance of products is becoming increasingly important. Climate protection is essential and the demand for climate-neutral packaging is increasing. We can offer you climate-neutral packaging and displays on request. With our climate-neutral solutions, you can differentiate your products at the point of sale and show your clear position on sustainability and environmental protection.
Your packaging: Climate-neutral on request.

From the production to the delivery of our packaging, CO2e emissions are created, which we cannot completely avoid. That’s why, to offset these emissions, we are working with ClimatePartner to offer CO2e emission offsetting, which makes your packaging and displays climate-neutral.

Climate-neutral means all unavoidable emissions are offset by climate protection projects which save the same volume of emissions. The balance of CO2e emissions is thus offset, i.e. “neutral”.

Offsetting CO2e emissions, alongside avoidance and reduction, is an important step for climate protection.

For this offsetting we calculate the CO2e emissions of your order using validated data and recognised tools. The calculated CO2e emissions are then offset by investments in climate protection projects.

ClimatePartner offers a wide range of internationally and nationally recognised climate protection projects that operate with different focal points in many countries around the world. These climate protection projects demonstrably save CO2e emissions. ClimatePartner guarantees that these are certified, recognised projects and it ensures clear transparency on their development status.

The ClimatePartner “climate-neutral packaging” label with a tracking ID and individual QR code:

Offset climate-neutral packaging provides a good surface for the placement of the ClimatePartner “climate-neutral packaging” label.  This gives customers and consumers the opportunity to find out more about the climate neutrality of the packaging.  Receive a label for your packaging including an individual ID number (tracking ID) for communication. The contribution to climate protection can be viewed online at any time by scanning the corresponding QR code or entering the ID number on the ClimatePartner website. The CO2e offset is also certified. This means that all information on emission offsets can be traced transparently.

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