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printed and unprinted cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes made from brown or white corrugated, cardboard boxes with cushioning foam or lids, and much more. THIMM has been producing cardboard boxes since 1949 and is your solution provider for the packaging and distribution of goods.

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Customised cardboard boxes

As a manufacturer we can develop, design and produce cardboard boxes to your specifications. To create your ideal customised cardboard box, as a manufacturer we need some information. This mainly relates to your product. Do you want to pack food products or tyres, jewellery or bottles, cosmetics or mobile phones? We determine the appropriate dimensions for the cardboard boxes based on your products which avoids leaving a lot of empty space in your cardboard boxes. In technical terms, we refer to an optimised volume utilisation rate of the cardboard box. As a result, you save on the purchase price. If you pack a lot of air next to your product, manufacturers need more corrugated cardboard and you need more filling materials (such as bubble wrap). This is of course reflected in the costs of your cardboard boxes, but also in your storage and shipping costs. Inexpensive customised cardboard boxes therefore depend on your products. Speak to our cardboard box experts or send us your enquiry, with no obligation.

Sustainable corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are produced from renewable raw materials and can be easily recycled. This makes corrugated cardboard boxes an environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solution when compared to other materials such as films, foams or other plastics. Today, many companies make a conscious decision to use boxes made from corrugated cardboard, as it is easy for the end user to dispose of. Sustainability continues to be a trend and it repeatedly underpins consumers’ purchasing decisions. Take advantage of this and at the same time make your contribution to a sustainable circular economy for our environment.

Cardboard boxes during further processing

Cardboard boxes from the manufacturer

Buy cardboard directly from the manufacturer in Germany and benefit from outstanding quality at a fair price. THIMM has been producing boxes made from corrugated cardboard since 1949 and is therefore your experienced supplier for the packaging and distribution of goods.
As we a manufacturer of cardboard boxes we have many developers working with us who can always design the optimum cardboard box for you. This design is always based on your particular items. We can produce cardboard boxes in all common material qualities on our machines. Here, too, it depends on your specific product: For example, a cardboard box used to ship heavy car tyres requires a different specification to a cardboard box for shipping cosmetics or jewellery.
As a manufacturer of cardboard boxes, we know all the requirements of your industry and your customers. Use our expertise for your success! Feel free to find out about our sites and our corrugated cardboard production. We look forward to your enquiry.

Cardboard box with brand and product information

Printed cardboard boxes

Would you like to print a logo on your cardboard boxes? Or refer to the contents of your cardboard boxes with your company name, barcode and product information? Or communicate your brand? Printing on cardboard boxes is now possible in almost unimaginable variations.

Cardboard box manufacturers distinguish here between preprint and postprint. Preprint means that paper is printed which is then used to produce the corrugated cardboard and your cardboard boxes. Postprint is when the finished corrugated cardboard is printed.

We recommend the best printing method for your cardboard boxes in a simple and straightforward manner. Get in touch with us to find out more about today’s opportunities with no obligation. You’ll be surprised...

Cardboard boxes with a flexible divider

Cardboard boxes with dividers

Do you want to ship different product types in one box? That’s no problem! With a flexible divider in the box, you can pack and ship products in many different ways: glass jars, tubes, bags, sachets, cans, bottles, pots, cups and much more can all be placed safely in one cardboard box. The divider is flexible so it can be adapted to your needs. It fixes different the product sizes and product shapes inside the boxes. It is also very easy to customise it as it enables products to be arranged in any way at all inside the cardboard box.

When shipping identical products in the cardboard box, for example a glass set of 10 glasses, we recommend a corrugated cardboard divider insert to create product compartments of the same size. The divider ensures maximum protection and optimal placement in the cardboard box. This results in good volume utilisation.

Cardboard boxes with an automatic base for fast processing

Speed is often important in production, packaging and shipping. In order to quickly pack goods in cardboard boxes, they need to be unfolded in just a few simple steps. Cardboard boxes with an automatic base meet these requirements and are also known as flash boxes or assembly boxes.

The advantages of automatic base boxes

Time-saving setup

Automatic cardboard boxes are specially designed for particularly fast unfolding and assembly. They have been developed so that the sides of the flat box only need to be squeezed apart and the box unfolds by itself. This is made possible by the special automatic base. This is already glued at a few points. Thanks to a special fold at an angle of 45 degrees, the base folds together during assembly in such a way that a load-bearing base section is created with the specific load-bearing capacity for the purpose. This mechanism is why these cardboard boxes are also often referred to assembly boxes.

The quick unfolding into stable and load-bearing cardboard boxes saves you a lot of work time as well as personnel and fulfilment costs. The production and transport chain can be optimised and goods throughput increased.

An additional bonus: the self-adhesive closure

In addition to the special automatic base, the cardboard boxes have a self-adhesive closure. This saves even more time during packing as there is no need to fix the cardboard boxes with adhesive tape. Remove the protection from the adhesive strip, press the lid onto the box flap – and done! The automatic bases on the coardboard boxes are twice as convenient because the base and lid are positioned with a single hand movement and the firm closure also reliably keeps contaminants such as dirt or dust away from the goods. 

Customer-friendly variant: Caredboard boxes with automatic base and tear perforation

Our flash box has not only been designed to assist the packing process, the tear perforation makes unpacking particularly customer-friendly for the recipient. Customers simply pull on the perforation to open the sealed packaging. The perforation is designed so that recipients can use a small flap to hold it and then tear it to the side over the adhesive surface. 

    Flat-pack box with automatic base
    Assembling the cardboard box with an automatic base
    Purchase cardboard boxes with automatic bases
    Cardboard box with an automatic base and self-adhesive closure
    Opening a cardboard box with an automatic base

Are you looking for customised cardboard boxes? With/without lid? For sealing without adhesive tape or other aids?

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