Shipping sleeves made from corrugated cardboard

Rectangular shipping sleeves for the versatile and secure shipping of oblong or rolled items: sustainable, robust and flexible.
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Rectangular shipping sleeves made from corrugated cardboard

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Our shipping sleeves provide a secure and reliable means of transporting a wide range of items such as placards, posters, drawings, documents, maps, building plans and textiles. Made from robust and lightweight material, they are environmentally friendly and are delivered flat, saving space in transport and storage. We offer flexible options with different locking types such as self-adhesive strips or plug-in closures. As a shipping sleeve manufacturer, we offer customised sizes and shapes to ensure you get exactly what you need. Benefit from high-quality shipping sleeves at the best price!

Enhance your brand identity with printed shipping sleeves

Printed shipping sleeves

Customised printing on shipping sleeves can effectively strengthen your brand identity by placing your logo, branding or other characteristic elements of your brand prominently on the packaging. This transforms every sleeve into a brand ambassador that immediately leaves a lasting impression on your customers and promotes recognition of your brand.

Interactive customer loyalty: Digital codes on shipping sleeves

Digital codes printed on your shipping sleeves create a direct communications platform through which you can connect with your customers. These codes can lead customers directly to your website, to special offers or to more information about your products. They enable you to engage your customers interactively and establish a direct connection to your company.

Benefits of our shipping sleeves

    Purchase shipping sleeves from the manufacturer
    Rectangular shipping sleeves made from corrugated cardboard
    Closing the shipping sleeves
    Assembling shipping sleeves
    Open shipping sleeves with a tear-off strip
    Sustainable cardboard shipping sleeves

Shipping sleeves for maps

Shipping sleeves made from corrugated cardboard

Triangular shipping sleeves for Maappi maps – with a love for detail and a thoughtful design

This shipping sleeve for maps is triangular and is made from a combination of brown and white corrugated cardboard. It has a perforation for easy and secure unpacking and an integrated cord for removing the map easily from the sleeve. An outstanding feature is the Maappi logo stamp, created by precise digital laser cutting. Even the most delicate outlines were cut with this extreme precision. The logo was also glued with an inlay, creating a coloured element with a 3D effect that supports branding.

Each shipping sleeve shows a thumbnail of the maps included. Since there are 15 maps in three sizes in the Maappi online shop, 45 variants of the shipping sleeves were required. Digital printing technology is ideal for this as it is based on digital data which enables any combination of print variants within one job. 

The combination of digital printing and laser cutting not only resulted in a positive reduction in order preparation time and costs, but also to sustainable production. This was due to savings in materials and resources as no printing moulds or tools are now required and no surplus is created.

The versatility of our shipping sleeves means you can pack different goods together securely.

  • Placards & posters

    Shipping sleeves protect placards and posters from kinks and damage, which means they arrive at the customer in perfect condition.

  • Building plans

    Building plans are stored securely in shipping sleeves and can therefore be shipped easily without suffering damage.

  • Drawings

    Shipping sleeves provide secure protection for sensitive drawings so they can be delivered safely and undamaged.

  • Textiles

    Textiles such as rolled fabrics can also be securely packed in shipping sleeves and protected from damage.

  • City street plans & maps

    Large city street plans and maps can be packed securely in shipping sleeves to protect them from tearing or deformation during transportation.

  • Calendar

    Calendars can be packed securely in shipping sleeves to protect them from kinking and damage during the shipping process.

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