Large letter boxes for shipping merchandise

Sustainable large letter boxes are versatile and enable the environmentally friendly shipping of a wide range of products.
Large letter boxes from THIMM

What are large letter boxes?

Large letter boxes are standardised folding boxes with dimensions that meet the requirements for large letters. They offer a cost-effective shipping option as they can accommodate larger items or multiple items while meeting shipping criteria.

Our large letterboxes are ideal for protecting your goods from dust, dirt and splash water during shipping. They are easy to handle, lightweight and yet stable. The boxes meet postal requirements for cost-effective shipping. They can also be securely closed and protect from damage.

Tip: Large letter boxes in the form of folding boxes are ideal for assembly and storage, as they are particularly convenient to unfold, pack and stack, especially with automatic bases and tuck-in flaps for closure.

Take advantage of the variety of large letter boxes

Large letter boxes for shipping goods

Large letter boxes in the 350x250x20mm format are ideal for shipping collections of documents. The sturdy shipping box reliably protects your documents from damage and dirt during shipping.

Large letter boxes in the 230x160x20 mm format are particularly suitable for shipping books and booklets as well as catalogues and brochures.

Benefits of large letter boxes from THIMM

Variety of large letterboxes for posting

How large and heavy can a large letter be at Deutsche Post or DHL?

Deutsche Post transports consignments as large letters if they do not exceed the following specific dimensions and a maximum weight: 

  • a length of 10 to 35.3 cm
  • a width of 7 to 25 cm
  • a maximum height of 2 cm
  • a maximum weight of 500 g

These specifications make it possible to ship up to 95 A4 pages (with a maximum paper thickness of 80 g/m²) at low postage costs. However, in addition to written documents, the large letter is also suitable for brochures, greeting cards, electronic components as well as flat books and data media. For flat and light goods, the large letter is therefore an inexpensive alternative to the parcel. Tip: A large letter is not insured. However, you can send it by registered letter where you will receive a shipment number and can track the delivery. 

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