Packaging materials


Packaging materials include cardboard boxes, filling and padding materials, sealing methods and pouches, padded envelopes and shipping envelopes. Therefore, the wide range of packaging materials is virtually limitless. However, packaging materials do not only differ in their product range, but also in the raw materials from which they are made. Paper, card, plastic and wood are only some of the raw materials used here. THIMM presents an overview of the versatile packaging materials.

We have corrugated cardboard packaging products in a wide range of material combinations - from light-weight solutions to our Rhino Plate® heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. We also process solid board, foams, wood, and plastic as well as special packaging materials customised to your specific requirements. Of course, we also pay particular attention to ensuring eco-friendliness and sustainability in our raw materials procurement.

The main function of packaging is to protect your products. To ensure this protection it is essential to find the optimum combination of packaging materials. Depending on the particular product, plastic or cardboard are often used as are multi-material combinations of more than two materials. We are generally familiar with corrugated cardboard boxes which, depending on the product and content, are filled with padding and filling materials such as bubble wrap or packaging chips which protect the content from slipping. We are mainly aware of such boxes and packaging materials from online retailing.

The rapid development in e-commerce has also affected the food industry. More and more people are ordering the food they need from the internet – quickly and at their own convenience. Specific pre-requisites apply here for the supply chain. Packaging materials made from sustainable grass corrugated cardboard for fruit and vegetables along with packaging solutions with a cooling function are just some of the solutions offered by THIMM. Further future-oriented packaging materials are also being developed together with the trade and the big brand manufacturers. For the customer and the environment.

In the medical technology sector high-quality packaging materials are particularly in demand. Highly-sensitive electronic devices must not only be protected from external influences, but also from vibrations during transportation. This requires expert knowledge of foam plastic and heavy cargo packaging. Usually a combination of packaging materials made from corrugated cardboard and foam plastic is used as transportation protection. Depending on its intended use, foam plastic has many different properties that differ far more than in their respective densities.

THIMM can give you an overview of the best-known packaging materials and will develop the best solution for your product together with you. Convince yourself!


The papers used as the basis for the production of corrugated cardboard differ from the products from which they are produced and composed of. Waste paper, kraftliner, testliner and semi-chemical pulp are just some of the common terms for paper types used in corrugated cardboard production.

Numerous paper combinations enable the best-possible composition of corrugated cardboard and form the basis of your product protection.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is the best known and most widely used packaging material. Consisting of different paper types, corrugated cardboard can be produced to meet specific product requirements. In production, so-called flute-paper and smooth paper is brought together on a corrugator. The number of flutes ranges from single-flute to four-flute.
Corrugated cardboard is widely deployed as an alternative to other packaging materials such as wood or plastic. Customised printing and finishing options create high-impact communications channels.

Grass corrugated cardboard

Grass corrugated cardboard is one the latest sustainable packaging materials and is a fantastic addition to traditional corrugated cardboard. Thanks to its specific structure and natural basis, grass corrugated cardboard is ideally suited for packaging and secondary placements of sustainable and vegan food products. Some fruit varieties displayed in trays made from grass corrugated cardboard can already be seen in retail outlets. And this trend is continuing. Together with well-known companies THIMM has developed packaging and displays made from grass corrugated cardboard which are used for sales promotional purposes in retail outlets.

Heavy-Duty corrugated cardboard

RhinoPlate® - the four-fluted corrugated cardboard for heavy-cargo packaging. Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard is a “light" alternative in comparison to wood. The environmentally-friendly and sustainable heavy-duty corrugated cardboard is very popular for use on long maritime transportation routes. Test results of RhinoPlate® show that in maritime climates with 20°C and 90 percent air humidity, heavy duty corrugated cardboard is able to withstand these extreme conditions.
The automotive industry uses heavy-cargo packaging to package particularly large and heavy-weight car parts and products from the construction sector can also be shipped internationally using heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.

Moulded pulp

As one of the most sustainable packaging components, moulded pulp is definitely here to stay. Known for its use for egg boxes, moulded pulp is already in daily use in the retail sector. As moulded pulp is made 100% from waste paper, it is recyclable and biodegradable and has many benefits. Its range of uses is therefore as varied as the packaging itself – from the packaging for sensitive products such as bottles and electronics to the automotive industry and DIY stores as plant pots.


Discover foodWave® - for safe direct food contact thanks to its 100% fresh fibres and special finish. This fibre type is particularly well suited for protecting moist or greasy products. The application of the THIMM special finish means that specific packaged products can even be heated safely in the oven.
Produced under strict hygienic conditions, foodWave® has proven to be the optimum packaging solution for direct contact with foodstuffs.

Paper injection moulding

Paper injection moulding is one of the latest developments for creating paper into a specific mould. The paper is processed to be moulded into pre-fabricated moulded parts. This means many different moulds are possible.
Paper injection moulding is a sustainable alternative to plastic components which have previously been used in packaging. Consisting of small differently coloured granulates, these are pressed into the respective mould.
Packaging and packaging parts made from paper injection moulding have a low net weight and are fully recyclable.


Wood is a renewable raw material and is the basis of paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Whether for wooden crates, wood packaging or wood as a packaging component, the natural product can be used in many different ways. In fact, packaging made from wood is often combined with other materials such as hinges, nails and sealing systems in order to create the optimum packaging.
Various surface treatments and finishes on the packaging made from wood adapt it for the respective products and transportation. As outer packaging it is used in all sectors for many different goods as transportation and gift packaging.


As one of the leading manufacturers of foam plastic packaging and foam processors, THIMM is an expert in producing high-quality padding solutions made from the most diverse foam materials. Here we focus on foams which are highly recoverable we thereby contribute to their recyclability.
Polyurethane foam (PU), polyethylene foam (PE) and polypropylene foam (PP) are just some of the foam types that are used specifically in medical technology and for electronic devices. In addition to the various colour variants available, these different foams also have different physical properties such as density and antistatic agents. When it comes to electrical and sensitive devices foams can also be used which operate with so-called naps (see image).

As an expert in corrugated cardboard, THIMM is your partner when it comes to developing sustainable, attractive packaging, and in well-known sectors such as the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, the drinks industry, e-commerce and cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, THIMM has the internal know-how. With our focus on “The Best Solution” we stand by your side as your partner – from the packaging consultation to its production.