Sustainability at a glance

Making sustainability visible with eco-labels

There are now an almost confusing number of environmental seals and labels for virtually all industries and products. Not all are validated by certified organisations. Some have evolved creatively and therefore do not guarantee any ecological raw material, material or recycling properties. 

 As regards our solutions and the materials used in them, we are able to verify the properties that have been officially recognised and controlled by neutral organisations. All the eco-labels we use are established on a global basis.

We will be happy to advise you on which eco-label is the most appropriate for your solution.

Differentiate your products on the market and make sustainability visible at a glance.

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The eco-labels we use

Recycling Symbol (Möbius strip)

  • This symbolises the recyclability of the product.
  • The recycling symbol is a well-known, established and widely used eco-label.
  • It is a voluntary label. This eco-label is not associated with a specific product quality.

Recycling Code PAP 20

  • This eco-label specifies which materials have been used to create the product packaging.
  • The label facilitates recycling. End-users can quickly identify the respective material and then sort it appropriately.
  • The code PAP 20 in the eco-label represents the material corrugated cardboard (German Packaging Act).

RESY Label

  • This symbolises the complete disposal and material recycling of transportation packaging and outer packaging made of paper and cardboard.
  • The requirements of the German Packaging Act are hereby fulfilled for transportation packaging.
  • Usage authorisations are required in order to use this eco-label. These are used by THIMM and the RESY label is always applied to packaging in combination with its own identification number.


  • This eco-label is very well-known and popular among consumers and identifies products from responsible forestry. Only certified companies are allowed to label their end products made from FSC® materials.
  • The FSC® Mix eco-label is used for packaging consisting of materials made both from FSC® certified forests and/or recycled material, as well as material from controlled sources.
  • We use FSC® certified papers for the production of corrugated cardboard.

Our green electricity symbol

  • Certified green electricity is used to manufacture our THIMM products in Germany.
  • We are happy to provide you with our own green electricity symbol so you can use it on your packaging and displays.
  • This eco-label shows at a glance that you value the use of renewable energies.

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Michael Burkowski

Michael Burkowski
Head of Sustainable Packaging Solutions
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