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It's THIMM time!

Northeim, 11 July 2023

It's THIMM time! As a symbol of consistent further development, Thimm is bringing its corporate brand and culture into the next generation

Northeim, 11 July 2023 – With Kornelius Thimm taking over the management of the company last year and the start of the “Thimm 2030” strategy, the family business is now taking the next steps forward. As a symbol of consistent further development, Thimm is bringing its corporate brand and culture into the next generation.

Over the past few months, employees have worked out what makes Thimm so special, namely its technological advancement, sustainable action and customer proximity that have always been the important cornerstones of the entire corporate identity. “We take the time to thoroughly understand our customers so we can find the simplest and best solution for them. This means our focus is always on our customers and we always strive to continuously improve the packaging of their products. This is always a good feeling for both sides,” says CEO Kornelius Thimm. From now on, this sentiment will be expressed with “When simplicity feels good. It’s THIMM time”. Kornelius Thimm personally explained to employees at each location what this means for the company and for each individual.

As a symbol of the further development of the company, a new logo has been introduced. The new brand presence is also supported by a new website thimm.com and a high-impact advertising campaign. This campaign picks up on eye-catching topics in the consumer goods market with a focus on intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions. In the long term, the company is planning further significant development steps as part of the “Thimm 2030” growth strategy.

Kornelius Thimm summarises: “In essence Thimm is remaining true to its roots: We are a family business with a strong customer focus. In the future, we will ensure even more simplicity, which is why from now on we are saying: When simplicity feels good. It’s THIMM time!”



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About Thimm

Thimm is a leading solutions provider for the packaging and distribution of goods. Its sustainable solutions portfolio includes corrugated cardboard transportation and sales packaging, high-quality promotional displays and print products for further industrial processing. Through its innovative, simple and sustainable solutions, Thimm helps its customers to differentiate and individualise themselves in the market. To this end, the family business will use its “Thimm 2030” strategic pathway to anticipate and solve the economic, ecological and social challenges of the future. Thimm’s aim is to always offer its customers the simplest and best solution. This strong customer focus drives the innovation and the pioneering spirit of the company. There is therefore consistent investment in expanding the company’s market presence as well as in future-oriented technologies for the next generation. Founded in 1949, the family business currently has more than 2,500 employees at 13 sites in Germany, France, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic, and generated annual revenue of around EUR 723 million in 2022.


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