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    Traditionsmolkerei Marburg

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    Dairy & Refrigerated Products

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    Wrap Around

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Milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard for climate and environmental protection

“Sustainable and good” is the motto of Traditionsmolkerei Marburg. The regional company has been committed to environmental protection and animal welfare since it was established back in 1932. For the company's traditional milk THIMM has developed transportation packaging made from grass corrugated cardboard which is fully attuned to the dairy’s motto for sustainability and good quality.

The milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard for Traditionsmolkerei Marburg constitutes multi-faceted all-round packaging. For example the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard can be used as transportation packaging to protect the contents from external influences, as high-impact merchandise presentation on the shelf and as a tray acting as an individual element of a display. And all in line with customer wishes and requirements.

Milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard as transportation protection

Transportation packaging not only makes the transportation of products easier, it protects them from damage and external influences and can also be used as a mobile brand and product ambassador. The milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard exploits the synergies from transportation and communication to create its own beneficial advertising channel. Traditionsmolkerei Marburg creates a strong relationship between the product and the region with its print image repeated on all sides (except the base).

As a single-piece transportation packaging unit the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard facilitates handling in the production process and continues this ease of handling through to the retail outlets. The perfect alignment of the tray to the milk packaging (ten milk cartons per tray) prevents slipping and no unnecessary airspace is “co-transported”.

Thanks to the integrated perforations on the front side through which one part of the packaging is removed, the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard can be placed on a retail shelf after transportation.


“For us as a company with a clear focus on sustainability, the issue of grass corrugated cardboard has come at exactly the right time. We have been able to switch both the primary packaging for milk and the secondary packaging to a more ecological corrugated cardboard. This ensures savings in the logistics process and also in CO2 emissions and has enabled us to assume our responsibility towards people, animals and nature.”

Gerrit Oltmanns, Managing Director at Traditionsmolkerei Marburg

Milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard as merchandise presentation on the shelf

The integrated perforations on the sides of the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard also enable retailers, along with the stacked pallets, to position the shelf-ready packaging on the shelf. Removing the corrugated cardboard along the perforation gives a clear view of the milk packages making it easier to remove the products.
With the pallet stacking, the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard can be accessed from the top. Through a central opening on the long side, the flap of the milk packaging can be accessed directly and easily removed.

The colour printing picks up product-related content on the packaging to create recall value. Individual customer-relevant notices can be printed alongside product-specific information. Through its communications around sustainability and animal welfare, the dairy uses the print images to create purchase incentives and a positive change in attitude of its customers.

“We can have a big impact in the food sector with grass corrugated cardboard. With the focus on vegan and more sustainable food and drinks, packaging and merchandise presentation through displays have an important role to play. Grass corrugated cardboard not only helps to create a more ecological manufacturing process, but also delivers new benefits in customer communications.”

Jannik Zander, Sales Manager THIMM


T-Flute delivers ecological material savings

THIMM T-Flute is a more sustainable alternative to other flute types and with its flute height of 1.7 mm fits within the familiar B and E-flutes.
In comparison to the use of B-flute, warehousing and transportation savings of up to 25% can be achieved. The lighter-grammage T-flute used for the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard achieves benefits across the entire logistics process and during printing.
And the printing result speaks for itself: Thanks to the specific surface structure of T-flute and grass corrugated cardboard, the direct printing achieves a high-impact and increased customer awareness.

As a sustainable company Traditionsmolkerei Marburg has made it its mission to focus on regionality and involve local farmers so as to intensify its support for animal welfare.
The dairy's sustainability is not only reflected in the use of grass corrugated cardboard in the secondary packaging provided by THIMM, but also in the switchover to more material efficient carton qualities for the primary milk packages which are now produced without a white coating therefore also making an ecological contribution.

Design features of the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard

  • Design based on wrap-around principle
  • Product protection through outer protective packaging
  • Minimum material use
  • Openings for better access and removal of milk packages
  • Single-piece packaging unit facilitates handling from development through to shelf positioning
  • Multiple stacking on the shelf and pallet
  • Good product visibility and good access to goods thanks to the tear-perforation
  • Close-fitting packaging ensures the milk packaging is held securely in place

Benefits of the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard

  • Many different printing options for your customer targeting
  • Eye-catcher thanks to the special look of grass corrugated cardboard
  • Consistent sustainability image of the primary and secondary packaging
  • Sales-promoting shelf packaging with high material efficiency
  • Side surfaces are ideal for communications and interaction with the customer
  • Transportation packaging and shelf carton in one
  • Close-fitting packaging ensures the orderly presentation of products

Ecological aspects of the milk tray made from grass corrugated cardboard

  • 100% sustainable
  • Grass corrugated cardboard creates a better eco-balance when compared to wood-based raw materials
  • Material saving through the use of T-flute
  • The optimisation of grammages and corrugated cardboard varieties preserves resources
  • Easy recycling

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