Corrugated cardboard boxes: The best packaging solution for your product

  • Sustainable and resource-saving
  • Recycled raw paper as the base material
  • High stability with a low weight
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Innovative and sustainable packaging made from corrugated cardboard

Sustainable packaging in the circular economy

Corrugated cardboard boxes from THIMM: A valuable contribution to climate protection

We do everything we can to conserve natural resources. With recyclable packaging made from corrugated cardboard, we are closing the loop and taking an important step towards greater sustainability.

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Retail packaging from THIMM

Retail packaging

THIMM shipping boxes

Shipping boxes

Food packaging from THIMM

Food packaging



The benefits of our corrugated cardboard boxes

  • Recycled material

    We mainly use raw paper for our corrugated cardboard boxes that has been 100% recycled and conserves valuable resources.

  • Positive CO₂e footprint

    Switching to corrugated cardboard means saving CO₂e! The more often packaging is used and recycled, the better the footprint.

  • High recycling rate

    In Germany packaging made from corrugated cardboard is almost completely recycled. According to the VDW, the German Association of Corrugated Board Makers, the return ratio is 80%.

  • High-quality and durable

    Corrugated cardboard does not lose its value even after several rounds in the recycling cycle and it also retains its good fibre properties.

  • Popular material

    Corrugated cardboard is well received and is in ever increasing demand in the German market. Corrugated cardboard boxes are sustainable and robust.

  • Corrugated cardboard instead of plastic

    Sustainable alternatives to plastic are in demand! Due to their special composition corrugated cardboard boxes can often replace plastic packaging.

Digitally printed corrugated cardboard boxes

Modern digital printing turns corrugated cardboard boxes into customer magnets

THIMM uses innovative printing technologies to emphasise your brand message in the best possible way. Digital printing is versatile, flexible and fast. In combination with sustainable packaging made from corrugated cardboard, the printing process ensures emotional experiences, from the first contact at the POS to unboxing. This is because internal surface of a package can also be surprising!

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Corrugated cardboard boxes: The real all-rounders for retail, e-commerce and more

Cardboard boxes for snacks: Crisps in stackable trays

Retail packaging made from corrugated cardboard for the perfect product presentation

Corrugated cardboard packaging also meets the specific requirements for the POS. With high-quality printing, the robust and versatile corrugated cardboard boxes draw attention to your product and showcase your brand in the best possible way.

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Shipping boxes for beauty products

Corrugated cardboard boxes: Environmentally friendly and stable shipping packaging

Would you like your product to reach your customers undamaged? Your goods will reach their destination safely in robust packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard. Another plus point: Invest in CO₂e offsetting with climate-neutral shipping boxes from THIMM!

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Corrugated cardboard boxes for food products

Sustainable food packaging made from environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard

Special requirements apply to food packaging. At THIMM we are very familiar with these and we offer our customers high-quality packaging solutions made from corrugated cardboard that protect the product, present its special features and are particularly sustainable.

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Digitally-printed sales packaging for electrical appliances

FEFCO 02 corrugated cardboard boxes

FEFCO 02 compatible folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard can be used to pack a wide variety of goods securely. Whether products are large or small, fragile or robust, heavy or light, foldable corrugated cardboard boxes are true all-rounders. THIMM offers standard folding boxes in small quantities and customised corrugated cardboard boxes.

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